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Does anyone have a problem with their sewing machine pedal moving about when in use?

I have been sewing for years and have got fed up with chasing my sewing machine pedal all over the floor. So I created the perfect solution. Called Pedstay, it stops all unwanted movement full stop. It can be made to fit all types of pedals. they cost £18.99. If anyone is interested let me know.

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I just use a bit of the non-slip stuff you get to use on lap trays under my pedal - couple of quid for a whole roll, which lasts for years :slight_smile:

Yep, and I use the exact same solution as Sara does.

I’ve got a box behind mine, so it can’t move backwards as I sew…it works fine!


Yes I and a few others have tried various types of non slip surfaces including rubber mats, velcro, and tapes but its great to have something that you can buy off the shelf which is designed to deal with this specific issue.

maybe this should be in the Promotions section? You might have more of an audience there, as it’s a promotion…

Oops. it’s Showcase. Not promotions. Sorry!

Be nice if your product was listed on your Folksy shop. Then we could see a picture of it and you could link to the item in the Showcase thread. I don’t think people would be confident enough to buy directly via a message, but I’m sure they would buy it via a photo listing (and then it’s easier for Folksy to get their commission too). Good luck with it - I confess I have the same solution as @ciesse lol!

We all get that uggh where’s my foot pedal gone this time lol