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Does anyone know what these are?

(Donna) #1

This weed has been growing out of a planter for months now, i have let it out of curiosity, does anyone out there know what it is?
Donna x

(Jo Sara) #2

Is that yellow flower part of it? It looks a lot like my orange geums, but you can get them in yellow too. They’ve got a spikey bit left after the flower has gone. And they have those thin branching stems. The leaves look pretty similar too. Just looked up yellow geums and yellow avens (the other name for geums) looks like yours - pic on this blog -


(Donna) #3

That could be it! The yellow flowers are the same :smile:

(Karen Ellam) #4

Weeds always seem to find a way don’t they.

I’ve got a strange plant growing near to my shed, and I’ve left it abit out of curiosity.
Its growing in between the paving slabs in a small cluster close to the ground. Its leaves are roundish and a browny purply colour, and little yellow flowers are opening now too.
Its kind of nice, but I just don’t know what it is… Maybe its not a weed…
Next time I potter up to the shed I will take a picture of it and post it up…:blush::sunflower::ear_of_rice:


(Brenda Cumming) #5

I know what they are, they are plants…(OK…sorry…lol)

(Susan Mochrie) #6

That one Karen mentions might be Oxalis Corniculata, a type of Wood sorrel.

(Karen Ellam) #7

That’s exactly it Susan thanks :grinning:
I’ve just looked on Wikipedia. Its nice to have a name for it at last.

Karen :grin::cherry_blossom::sunflower:

(Debbie Lawrence) #8

I had this in my garden and a word of caution my dog spread the seeds off the spikey heads every where and it it went rampant. I assumed it was a part of the buttercup family and have spent 2 years trying to get rid of it from my beds. This year I feel I am winning the battle.

(Helen Dale) #9

It’s wood avens. It’s a native plant - found in our woods and hedgerows. Can be quite prolific. Lovely to have a native plant, but it can be a nuisance in gardens.

(Marg) #10

There were quite a few of these moths in our garden, I thought it was some sort of rare butterfly, but its a cinnabar moth, about 4 flew off at the same time, what a lovely sight. Marg. x

(Karen Ellam) #11

I’ve seen these in the garden too for the past few weeks. They are so beautiful aren’t they.
I didn’t know what they were though so I can read up on them now.
Thanks Marg :blush:

Karen :tulip:

(Christine E.) #12

A few years ago I let a couple of these plants alone by the side of my pond as they thought they were geums that I had planted. They weren’t and now they’re everywhere! Take my advice and get rid of them now!

(Donna) #13

Good morning all, sorry for my delay in replying, it’s impossible for me to get anywhere near my laptop at the weekend!!

I pulled it out over the weekend lol but I still have loads growing at the top of the garden by the sheds, where they’re hubbys responsibility lol they are quite pretty but didn’t go with my blue and red theme! I’ve been quite fussy with my garden this year lol