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Does Facebook promoting help to sell?

(Mylittlesewingshed) #1

Hi all, I’m new to all this and wanted to create some ‘traffic’ to my shop - My Little Sewing Shed. How do I go about this on Facebook? Can I start up a business Facebook page or just direct people to Folksy on my Facebook page? Any help would be great! x

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Yes it does. I don’t sell but I buy quite a lot from fb. You definitely need a business page and it will take time to build up followers. You can either sell directly from fb asking customers to comment sold under what they want then you need to ask for their email and send them a PayPal invoice. Or you can direct them to your Folksy shop, whichever you prefer.

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

Yes I promote my Art on FB and often sales come as a direct result :smile:

I also have my folksy shop linked to my page

As Margaret says you need a page not just the personal facebook :smile:


(Margaret Jackson) #4

I’ve dug out a very useful (if long!) thread from the old forums which you (and others) might find worth a read.

It’s all about how to use FB to progress your business

(Mylittlesewingshed) #5

Thank you all so much for your help! I’ve not had much to do with Facebook but I’m going to make it my next challenge and hopefully create some sales! Thanks :wink:

(Louise Amond) #6

I find Facebook can be quite useful. I’ve sold a few bits through it but I’ve also had local customers get in touch to find out what craft fairs and markets I’m doing.
Some really interesting points on the old thread too- thanks for posting the link :slight_smile:

(Janine Loretta Getty) #7

Sorry to be a pain, but how exactly do you manage to link your Folksy shop to your FB page? I read a tutorial a while ago, but couldn’t seem to make any sense of it. Sorry!

(Brenda Cumming) #8

I found facebook really useful and you can join and “like” facebook pages to get more followers and then direct them to Folksy.
I like to direct them here as Folksy deals with paypal etc and I feel it is safer than private sales to people you don’t really know.
For me if someone contacts me on facebook about one of my paintings, then I private message them with the link to my shop
Also when you list on folksy there is a facebook link that you can click on and it will show your listing on your facebook page for you

(Liz Clark) #9

When I looked into that Louise it said the Folksy App had been removed as it don’t work with the changes to the FB pages.

I have mine as a web link in the “short description” bit of my FB page so that it’s always at the top. You could always pin a post to the top of your page about your Folksy shop too.

(Gina Rahman) #10

I am settin up a facebook page to help people increase the footfall to their business pages on facebook.

With all the new rules that facebook has implemented we all need a bit of a helping hand

come and read the blog to find out more about the concept of our daily show and shares, weekly shout outs and monthly showcase and open house events.

(Thats Sew Chic) #11

I have a Facebook business page and sell quite well through there. I have only recently set up my shop on Folksy and try to advertise through Facebook, however Facebook can restrict who sees your posts and have found if you try to divert people away from Facebook to Folksy or any other site via a link, your reach is limited.Mr Facebook doesn’t like it when you try to get people away. It is tough x