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(Kelly) #1

Hello everyone :wink:
I’ve recently opened a shop on Folksy and I sell paper products although my main supply will be tags.

I’m unsure for the best category for my craft & product packaging tags. At the moment they are placed inside 'Handmade > Paper>? Are they appropriate for the Gift Tags section and would they be more suited there?

I appreciate any feedback,
Thanks Ladies / Gentlemen x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Ah right I think tags would all go into one section which would not be handmade paper that section would be for handmade paper.

I would put them into this category Cards & Stationery → Gift Wrap, Tags & Bags → Gift Tags

You’ve done that with one of your tags but I think you need to do the same with the rest of your tags.

and welcome :slight_smile:

(Kelly) #3

Hi Eileen,
Many thanks for your speedy response! I’m very grateful for your help.

I’ll go and edit the listings. Nice to meet you! :wink:

Kelly x