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Packaging - how do you package yours?

We’d love to know how you package your items and what you include in the packaging?

Please share pics if you have any or tell us about your packaging

If you are having trouble with packaging let us know and collectively we can offer advice

Maybe you haven’t sold an item yet and you’re not sure what others include?

All opinions and questions welcome!

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Hi Hilary,
I don’t have any photos at the moment of my packaging but I put my tags inside clear cello bags with a brown kraft topper which has my business name on it along with my Folksy shop address & email.

I print the receipt and glue a tag onto it (with a bakers twine tie attached) which says a simple ‘thank you’ to the customer. I also use a tag on the back of the packaging (brown kraft board back envelope) which has my return address onto it.

The tags are split & stacked inside the cello bags, again with bakers twine ties. It’s mainly for Royal Mail’s thickness purposes but they look nice in little piles rather than loose everywhere.

When I’m able to i’ll post a photo to show. Looking forward to reading more on this topic. x


Everything gets packed into one of my hand folded boxes with some tissue paper in an oragnza bag with a business card

the different sizes of box nest so they take up less storage space and as you can tell I bought a ream of mixed coloured card so at valentines I can do pink boxes but at christmas I do green/ red - people have been known to pick their prefered colour and they seem to like them. I do a slightly different style box for big items so that they aren’t too deep to go large letter if possible. I’m very tempted to get one of the stamp makers on folksy to make me one so that I can put a logo on the box lid - I just need to design a logo first. If an item is going in the post it goes in its box/ baggie in a jiffy bag with a print out of the order and a thank you note written on one of my postcards. So far no breakages in the post even when I’m sending earrings made with blown glass beads.


I wrap my goodies in tissue paper with a little hand written note and a little bell, I pack them in organza bags, more tissue and add a business card and a little pack of sweeties (if posting to the UK, not sure on rules of sending foodstuff internationally). I print a little kiss on each box as they are all made and sent with love. I put the receipt folded in the bottom of the box beneath the tissue…


Were do you get those small postage boxes from?

Hope this helps :heart:


For cards and tags I have cellophane bags done up with little label of my shop banner my original shop banner. . They then go between two sheets of recyclced card. and wrapped in tissuse paper. Once my organza ribbon arrives the tisuse paper will also have a ribbon bow.
Then the packing note is fold around them. Then into a recyclced bubble jiffy bag. I want them to arrive in the same condition I sent them out in ie not ripped or bent or creased.

For larger items like my hats and table linen etc they’ll be cellophane bag if they fit, they’ll be tissuse paper a hand made tag with my shop banner and hand written ‘Made Just For You’ tied on with a ribbon. The packing note wrapped around that then into the recycled bubble mailer.

I always hand write 'Thank You ’ and sign my name on the bottom of the packing note.

Organza bags are used for brooches, hair slides and things like buttons.

So a package will arrive with recycled but clean outside packing for protection and pretty and new packing on the inside with the correct paperwork.

My return address is always on the outside of the package as well as the packing note. You never know when that might be required by the postie if for some reason it can’t be delivered to the customer and has to return back to you.


It depends on the item.
Notebooks are wrapped in a couple of layers of tissue, sealed with a printed sticker (from MOO), a business card tucked in ( with handwritten note on the back) and packed into a padded envelope with a copy of the packing slip or receipt. Overseas orders are then put in a polythene mailing bag to keep them dry - important if they are going to a humid or wet country, but a useful extra layer of protection for any long-haul deliveries.
Bags are packed in boxes with lots of tissue paper with a business card/packing slip.
Silk scarves are folded, wrapped in tissue and put into a handmade paper envelope, sealed with a sticker, business card etc, then put into a padded envelope.
Smaller items are wrapped in tissue, sealed with a sticker and put in padded envelopes.
Awkward items are usually boxed, I find them easier to deal with!

I must admit to be being more concerned with getting orders to their destination undamaged rather than making them look pretty, so my packaging is generally neat and practical rather than over-dressed :smile:


I have such a variety of shapes and sizes that there’s no one standard way of packaging for me lol.

But the majority of what I post is paintings, from tiny ACEOs (2.5 x 3.5 inches and Inchies (1 x 1") up to very large canvases for custom commissions. I always keep a stock of board backed envelopes in, along with cellophane wrappers, so that even if the envelope gets damp the painting is still safe inside the cello bag.

My wooden pet signs get bubble wrapped, especially to protect the corners against knocks, and the wrapped in a plastic envelops (my colours of choice are lime green or bright pink!).

I have the Moo mini cards to pop in, and did print some compliment slips (which I have mislaid). When I was less busy I would pop in a hand written card as a thank you - I have to admit that I’m so busy now that I tend to miss that out (I’ve always chatted to the person on line for commission work anyway, and said thank you for the order at that point).

I get really annoyed with myself if I come back from the PO and found the business cards that I’ve got out to be included in the package still on the table - I get so wrapped up in making sure everything is safe and secure that I do sometimes forget to put them in!

I also like to pop in a wee free item - bookmark, card or similar - but have had so much to post lately that I need to make some more freebie bits and bobs as I’ve run out!

I always make sure I use my printed return address labels on both the inside wrapping and on the outside too - just in case the outside one gets damaged - better safe than sorry :slight_smile:


My packaging sounds rather boring compared to everyone else’s (although cards are less likely to be gifted on without been unwrapped and written in!) all my cards are stored/sold in cello bags to keep them clean I pack them in a jiffy bag with a piece of sturdy cardboard to prevent bending (these are usually re-used from orders of supplies I’ve received) I include a couple of business cards, paypal packing note and a small handmade & hand written thank you card, as I said a bit boring but effective.


I love your ‘Thinking of You’ card Diane @DeesDesigns with the rose on it. x


Thanks. I am going to look after into getting some of those I think.


Thank You Kelly x

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I wrap my knitwear in tissue paper, with my business card & washing/care instructions tied together in a bow with silver ribbon inside. I use a co-ordinating washing tape (oh how I love washing tapes) to stick the tissue paper down and also tape a Moo Mini business card on top of the wrapped parcel. I include a hand written thank you note, which also has my contact details on and send it in a jiffy envelope.

If someone is buying a gift for me to post to someone else directly, I ask the customer if they have a message they would like me to write on a gift tag on their behalf and also send the item gift wrapped at no extra charge. I always buy gift tags and ribbons etc in the January sales and when I see offers on, so the extra cost for me to do this is a matter of pennies.

I like wrapping my knitwear up prettily as it’s nice for the customer, one customer of mine said it was like receiving a present for herself to unwrap, even though she knew what it was, which I thought was lovely!

Natalie x


i have spotty bags to fit in with the ‘freckles’ theme and have recently started making badges to pop in that reflect my designs. any excuse to use the badgemaker ( i always wanted one as a child and now my dream has finally come true)

posted in hard backed ‘do not bend’ envelope.


I send my fabric flowers in an organza bag, the ribbon tied in a bow with a ‘Tangled Tendrils’ tag, then wrapped in silver tissue paper. I always include a business card and the Folksy receipt saying ‘thank you for ordering’ and signed. I pack any spaces with bubble wrap and send it in a PIP box to ensure it stays within the large envelope price bracket.
Can anyone recommend a quality supplier of organza bags? The last lot I got were very badly made.

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I’ve always gotten my organza bags from and never had any problems with the quality (friends have also used them to get bags for wedding favours and were very happy with them). Where did you get the dodgy batch from so that we can avoid them?

Thanks, @SashaGarrett for the recommendation, will try them next time. I got the bags from a shop on ebay some were ok, but a few wouldn’t gather up properly.

Very nice boxes, I need to learn how to make stuff like that :slight_smile:

As prettily as possible.:slight_smile:
Tissue paper and my labels and sometimes some ribbon. Depends on the size of the item for post, how much room in the envelope etc.