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Don't normally do the discount code thing!

(Susannah Ayre) #1

Hi all!
I’m not a person who usually puts discounts on things I sell. Mainly because I know how much time and work has gone into each print- so I always hold off!
But- I guess we have to embrace new things every now and then!
I was meant to be at a few craft markets this winter- but thanks to the weather being a lot less than delightful most of them didn’t happen- so I decided instead I might have a go with with discount thing!
So- until Sunday 13th December I’m doing 20% off everything when the code yuletide is used! Why not eh?! :blush:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Darn - I’m going to have to lean on the other half a bit more and persuade him he likes your cuttlefish enough to allow me to have it in the house.

(Helen Smith) #3

Huge sympathy about the craft fairs… I had one called off after an hour or so because of the weather, such a disappointment.

(Susannah Ayre) #4

Hehe you definitely should- persuasion is a good skill to have! Hahaha

(Susannah Ayre) #5

Yeah- I had a nice little local one, but was really looking forward to a much bigger one- but for the whole day the winds were 70mph with driving rain- it was an hours drive there as well. The roads ended up being closed too though so glad I didn’t head off before it was too late!!
It is a shame though. I’ve been talking to a fair few people who said the weather this winter has just made craft fairs so difficult- and even when they’re on there just aren’t the visitors. One guy I know has a crepe stall and he does all sorts of events- usually does really well and he’s almost £10,000 down compared to last winter alone.

Roll on summer time!!! (I say this as I’m once again listening to the winds batter on my Windows) haha :blush:

(Helen Smith) #6

£10,000 - ouch - poor guy :frowning:

I was lucky in that I had my final fair the following weekend in a big solid city centre building, the wind was horrendous again but luckily it didn’t keep the customers away so I haven’t been left with loads of stock. In fact, I had a relatively restful week between the two instead of spending the time frantically restocking :slight_smile:

Where I live we’re fairly used to these sorts of winds - but they don’t usually arrive til January and they don’t go on and on and on like they seem to be doing this year…

(Susannah Ayre) #7

I’m glad yours was more successful then! That’s good! :blush:

I’m right on the north east coast and we don’t really get major weather of any kind. We’re protected quite nicely by the Penines and warned nicely in the winter by the sea. But it has been noticeably more windy than usual!

Right now what I’d quite like is some proper snow! Or maybe from Sunday onwards as that’s when I’m getting my Christmas tree. Haha