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British Crafters Special Offer - Merry Christmas!

Morning! Merry Christmas! Hope that you have all had an amazing year of sales!

We have been excited that our promotion has managed to make some previously invisible shops visible again with sales for them this Christmas! We were also thrilled to see some of our promoted shops sailing into the Folksy Top 40 list!

The book is now open with us for Spring bookings and we would like to offer you the code Folksy10 to get 10% discount if you book before 31/12. Pop over and see if what we do might help you and your Folksy shop get kickstarted into 2017!

Of course we would love to see you on FB anyway as so many sales have been generated via the page through the “Silly Season!”

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderfully prosperous New Year.

Dottie x

PS We are open this week on the 19th/20th then close until the 28th when we are having a Sale day. Closed then until 4th January :slight_smile:


thanks for all your hard work Susan - have a super Christmas break.

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Ah - thank you! @elliestreasures Hope you have a Merry Christmas too! Was so happy your brooch sold on the Late Night Shopping last week - so gorgeous (as is all your work!) Dottie x

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Thank you Susan :slight_smile:

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