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Draft listing button

(Theresa Hing) #1

Is there any possibility of having a ‘save as draft’ option when listing something new rather than just leaving the page?
I know it is saved automatically at this point but I just think it would be better.
I usually like to add my items as a draft as they are made and then, after hallmarking, complete the process.

Would anyone else find a draft option useful?

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #2

I think it would certainly make it clearer what we need to do. I have lost a listing because I didn’t view it after entering all the details - I just left the page at that point, so the listing wasn’t saved. Having a “save as draft” button would make it very clear to us that we need to do something specific to save the listing.
Good suggestion, Theresa!

(Amanda Robins) #3

Yes, please. It’s a very useful tool for when you are in the mood for adding new listings but don’t want to publish them all at once.

(Leathermeister) #4

I would use it if it were available. I had listed an item the other day just went to take a quick photo of a specific detail I wanted to show, internet crashed again while I was away and lost the listing.

(Roz) #5

Would probably be useful for new users but I have now got used to having to preview the listing in order to save it so it doesn’t really bother me…although it allowed you to save the listing to draft without having to fill in all the fields and add photos then that would be useful. I often want to write up descriptions before I have got photos and decided on price/postage etc and find it annoying that I need to enter these in order to save a draft listing. I have in the past saved a draft with a stupid price on it and then forgotten to edit it before listing - ended up selling it at that price too although I could have cancelled the order I felt I should stand by what I had offered it at!

(Inglivintage) #6

Yes definitely useful - I would also like to see a facility where a customer and seller can contact each other / have a conversation on the Folky site (as on the 4 letter site we cannot mention, not ebay!!), rather than have to wait to log onto our email addresses.

(Helen Rollins) #7

This would be so helpful as I have been busy making a lot of Christmas stock that I need to list but haven’t got photos of everything yet and being able to write up the listings before taking the photos would be helpful.