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Save as Draft, one year on

A year ago I asked… how do you use the “draft” button? im still struggling with that one… does anyone else find it simply doesn’t work? it seems a little clunky… or am I not using it correctly.
I usually try to finish a listing in one go but today my silly laptop that has a mind of its own due to a fault, (don’t even ask… thorn in my side it is haha) decided to shut off why my back was turned at the door and I lost the listing! I had already previewed it, just needed a photo change, the little “saved” message popped up but its not in drafts in fact nothing is in there because I can never figure out how to get anything in there, it doesn’t seem to go there when you click preview and there is no save as draft button.
What am I doing wrong or does the draft button just not work? I have lost a few listing by trying to save them as draft its so frustrating when you put so much effort into a description, maybe you can only do it if you have added photos already.
Over to you… what do you all think?

I have just been editing some draft items and it does work.
You do need to have added a photo , it can be any photo that you edit later -to make it save it.

oh thank you Deborah, wonder if that is what im doing wrong? thanks

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Not good news from me I’m afraid Pauline @dragonflyprettythings - when I joined I created a batch of about 20 items, one at a time and they just save into drafts automatically. Then I listed them all when I was ready. I’ve just created another and it saved in drafts automatically too.

Only difference is I’m using an iPad. What are you creating listing with Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery ?

Kind regards

P.s. Just created one using Mac - no button for save draft, it just did it automatically. Sorry

Hi Jan, I am using a desk top computer- it just saves into drafts automatically for me too.

Hi Jan.
I use my mob and to save to draft you view it but don’t list it when it asks.
Then it goes automatically to the draft section.
Hope that helps

I’ve managed to accidentally save things to draft - I probably previewed it, it auto saved and then I abandoned the listing based on whats been said above.

yay! Deborah Jones your a genius… its sorted thanks to Deborah’s suggestion. I had noticed it says make sure you complete all section before you preview but I didn’t realise it was affecting the draft listing. I just did a quick test on a fake listing, I put a few photo’s in before previewing and it worked brill!. So for anyone who may have a similar problem you must do two things in this order if you want your listing to save in draft automatically 1) complete your listing and make sure to add your photo’s even if you change them later.
2) click preview before you move off the page and it will go into draft .

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I’m confused! In your original post you said you had previewed your item, and it needed a photo change before you were happy to list, and that the “saved” message popped up.

You cannot preview until you have selected at least one photo on your item - if you click the preview button it tells you that you need to enter all required fields, and there is no “save as draft” button.

Sorry HartandCraft was a bit confusing when I re read it, I was trying to make it a short post. I didn’t like the pics so I removed them all then jumped up to answer the door and clicked preview I didn’t look at that point what it said on the screen. A problem with the battery and settings(long story) in my laptop means it fully shuts down after a while un used.
When I went back on folksy my listing was gone. I didn’t realise until Deborah’s post you need photos to make your listing go into drafts.
In the past after doing a listing and adding pics I have either previewed it and listed or been trying to find a link to save as draft not knowing it was automatic when you preview… I thought it was saving it in a temp “file” till you log out. Sorry for the confusion but least I now know what to do :slight_smile: