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Easy way to combine postage?

(Claire Mead) #1

The royal mail is so complicated now when trying to work out postage costs for additional items that I’ve given up tonight and changed all my listings and taken off the additional item amounts for international… There are just too many different sizes and weights. How can I know what to charge for additional items until they buy as I won’t know the size or weight, therefore which postage size?
Is there any way to send an invoice to the customer with the combined postage, so I can work the prices out for each sale?
Or do you guys refund the extra back to the customer? I would rather work it out get it wrong as I made a costly error this week with a sale on another site.
Thanks for your advice with this, interested to see what the rest of you do.

(Kelly) #2

Hi Claire @kernowclaire,
To get an additional postage cost, go onto Royal Mail and click on prices. Select the Country, I usually work off Italy for Europe, USA because postage costs the same to Canada too and then Australia as you’ll find additional costs is slightly more than the USA & Canada once the weight starts adding up.

Pop in the weight of your item and get the shipping price. Then do the same again only doubling the weight this time. Say for instance you’re single item (35g) costs £2.25, then your next calculation which would be for (70g) would be £3.30. So £3.30 - £2.25 would be £1.05. This would be your additional postage cost. And of course if you charge for packaging you would need to allow the cost onto your first shipping price i.e: £2.25 postage + 20p packaging.

Some of your items inside your shop look like they could be sent using Large Letter so if they can be and a second item makes the package fall into a the Small Parcel category, you would do the same as the above only you’d be checking the additional cost against the Small Packet. Hope this makes sense. x

(Melanie Commins) #3

RMs international pricing is governed by weight bands so you can use these bands to figure out the cost of your additional item postage:

I had a quick peek in your shop and it looks like many of your items are quite small and light so you could probably fit a few in before your parcel went up into the next weight band (from 100g to 250g for example).

My items are the same and I’ve found the easiest thing to do is to offer free shipping for all additional items. Customers are far more likely to buy multiple items in one order with this system and much of the time I can send all of the items together for the price that the customer has paid. On the odd occasion that I can’t, the extra cost to me is minimal and is only a very, very small percentage of my revenue for a multiple item order. Also, it has removed the need for me to refund postage so saves me time which is always handy! :slight_smile:

(Helen Smith) #4

Was your ‘costly mistake’ for an overseas order? Within the UK you can send up to 2kg in weight for the amount you are charging unless the order gets too bulky; so since most (of mine anyway) Folksy orders are from UK customers it seems a little crazy to me not to set the UK additional item charge to zero.

For the overseas items it is more tricky. What I usually do is work out how much extra it would cost to send 2 of the item in question and put that as the additional charge. Or, if I would need to send eg 4 more of the thingummyjig to take it into the next postage band then the additional charge is a quarter of the difference between the rates - have I explained that ok? I have items of all different shapes and sizes but this system seems to work out ok even when customers combine different types of item in their order. Sometimes I come out a little ahead, sometimes a little behind, but it is never wildly wrong (at least it hasn’t been, yet!)

(Claire Mead) #5

Hi thanks, that is what I have been doing but even the small parcels international are done in weights as well. When it says additional it’s, does that mean the same type of item, or if the second item was heavier would it use that price first?

(Helen Smith) #6

Folksy will always charge the highest amount of shipping first and then add on the additional amounts for each other item.

(Claire Mead) #7

thanks so much for your help. That’s makes more sense now, so I shall have another try to get it right this time. Thanks again

(Kelly) #8

Sorry Claire @kernowclaire, for some reason I never saw your reply to me. Helen @HelenSmith is right. x :wink:

(Claire Mead) #9

Hi, me again. I sold 3 items today and as they were small items I was able to combine the postage for the customer. I have refunded this back to her through paypal (as it was quite a bit). On my orders page it still shows the full price postage that she was charged. Is there any way to change that or does it not matter?
Thanks again for your wisdom on this

(Deborah Jones) #10

It doesn’t matter claire , you don’t pay fees on the postage , and paypal will refund you the fee’s they took on it.
Congrats on your sales !

(Claire Mead) #11

That’s great thanks for the info. I had a look around and couldn’t see that it would matter but wanted to check just in case.
Thanks again