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Email scam! please be aware!

Hi everyone I have just had a message sent to me directly from a gunsmith account saying they would like to buy my item, great i thought, but the replies got weird they were at sea and couldn’t pay via folksy they needed to pay via paypal and would arrange a collection agent to pick it up immediately, they said they were an oceanographer, which tied in with my photo canvas they wanted to buy, they said it was a gift for their sister as a reply. alarm bells ringing i did a quick google search seems this message has been sent via etsy folksy eBay gumtree etc etc, folksy also has it as one of their topics i almost fell for it but PLEASE be aware do not sell outside of folksy unless via a secure means and do not ship the item without doing your research if it seems dodgy.

sadly it’s a very well known scam, they generally go for your most expensive item. It’s very often an oceanographer, you’d think they’d try changing the story to something a little more original! Glad you didn’t fall for it.


I’m new to folksy and luckily I’m wired up on coffee working through orders lol! otherwise i may of fell for it, i asked on some groups on Facebook too for advice and they all pointed me in the same direction AVOID! scammers are getting so clever these days!

yep this is a very old scam it started out on ebay a few years ago

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If you still have the original email it is worth sending it to so that they can block the account. It doesn’t stop the scammers for long though.

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I had the same type of scam 3 yrs ago on ebay, this guy claimed he was on an oil rig in the north sea.

Yep me too. I sent her an extremely rude email back telling g her what I thought I’d get. Didn’t hear back. Surprise surprise!