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Scams on Folksy

(Samantha Hodson) #1

Just narrowly avoided being scammed out of an expensive item on my page. Sellers beware! Email from someone if they, ask about condition, ask for totals, ask if still for sale…then second email saying present for someone, they are at sea as an oceanographer (thats when alarm bells rang!) and they will send someone to collect item…total scam You will not get payed and they take shipping from your account.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

This is very common unfortunately. Someone else posted about it earlier today, they always target your most expensive item.

(Helen Smith) #3

Common not just on Folksy but everywhere where items are sold, that oceanographer is a very busy chap!

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Yep originally an ebay scam that’s why they ask all the same questions

Is item still available?
Do you own the item?
What is your best price?
What is the condition of the item?
Do you take paypa?l

And they always go after your most expensive item.

And of course all those answers are clearly available in the listing.

They try it on as said all over the internet.

Never reply to those kind of emails as they can then spam you email address as well.

Always report them straight to admin who will delete the scammers account.

(Marg) #5

I had a scam email recently purporting to be from Paypal, saying they had made a payment of £39 on my behalf, with link to check my paypal account.

Luckily I noticed the email address was not correct and forwarded the email to spoof@paypal. But it looked so genuine, and because I thought it was a payment in error I nearly fell for it. You have to be so careful. Marg.

(Ali Millard) #6

Ah, I get paypal scam emails everyday. I never knew that we could forward them on to paypal. Thank you so much for mentioning this :0)

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

I got a few from ebay so I just forwarded them to

That stopped them.

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(Julia K Walton) #8

Yes, I had one of those yesterday. Just report it to Folksy Admin and they will suspend the associated account.

(Ronald Koorm) #9

I never used to get those phishing emails in any quantity, but recently have had quite a few pretending to be Halifax, hmrc (taxman), Paypal, Natwest, Barclays, BT, Ebay, and many others.
Some look almost genuine, but I always look closely at where they came from in the email address bar, and it’s usually a giveaway. They are getting better and better at fooling people, particularly if you are in a rush to process your emails.

I always, always forward them to the relevant authorities. These phishing emails are sent by the millions/billions, and if only 0.000001% click on the link, they are making money. Cybercrime is probably the fastest growing crime out there.

Seem to be getting more and more from emails pretending to be the taxman , saying I am due a rebate. They time the emails to make it look more plausible. The authorities cannot cope with chasing the volume of phishing emails out there.

(Ali Millard) #10

A top tip with scam emails is if they are addressed to ‘Dear Customer’ etc, they are scam. Official emails from paypal, banks etc will always be addressed to you by name.

(SimplyKidsClothes) #11

I have had several of these type of emails to my website email address. So I just move them to Trash and delete them. They are very annoying though. Like you said, they could get all the information from the website or from Folksy listings. They always end up by asking if they can send someone to collect for them. The list of questions appear to be the same as you have said.