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Strange enquiries from potential buyers

(Trudy And Paul Designs) #1

Hi everyone,
I’m new to Folksy, I opened a shop about 2 months ago. I had a couple of enquiries about the same product, which don’t make any sense. They were written in very poor English asking to complete the transaction outside Folksy via PayPal. The listing clearly states the item’s condition. I was asked if it’s still available for sale and what the condition is. Both enquiries insisted on collecting the item themselves instead of it being posted to them.
It looks to me like some sort of scam. Has anyone had similar enquiries?

(Joy Salt) #2

Sorry but this is a spam. Quite common. Please ignore it and don’t bother to reply. You’ll find lots of other reports of this in the forum over the past couple of years.

Joy xx

(Deborah Jones) #3

A scam unfortunately , they usually target your most expensive items.

(Trudy And Paul Designs) #4

Thanks guys, this is what I thought.

(Diane Burton) #5

It wasn’t from an oceanographer by any chance? they seem to do the rounds on a regular basis.

(Trudy And Paul Designs) #6

One of them was.


I got the scam from the oceanographer too…

(Metal Artistry) #8

Hi everyone,

I got the the oceanographer’s letter as well. I suggest them to buy my items on folksy, they will have the buyer’s protection and me the seller protection. If they can reach the bank account they can reach folksy as well…
All they questions was on the item description and i can see no reason to give them my details privately.

(Noblepalletcraft) #9

Hi Guys & Gals, Just to let you all know I have just started advertising and already have had an email from
an oceanographer saying they wanted to buy my item. All in a strange broken English, also saying that they wanted their agent to pick up the item.
Thanks for all your comments I also chose to ignore any further emails.

(StuartWhelan) #10

Hi …i’ve just set up shop too… and recieved the same kind of message from an oceanographer !!
I can smell a rat straight away so I thought i would check this out on the forum.
If you do get messages that are long winded blahablahblah im so trustworthy my partner is Ill or having a birthday blah blah … and to cap it all ‘god bless you’ which has got african bullshit written all over it.


anyway it annoys me that when you are trying to sell and some areshole is trying to pull a fat one