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END CAP desperate to find

(Mobostyle) #1

I am trying to find these end caps in silver plate/rose gold plate/gunmetal plate, with low shipping costs to the uk can anyone help


(Karen Ellam) #2

Have you tried EBay or Amazon Maureen? :slight_smile: There may also be a shop here on Folksy which stocks them :blush:


(Lania ) #3

Or check out alibaba if you are a registered business they should have that sort of thing wholesale :slight_smile:


(Roz) #4

Don’t know what size you’re looking for or what quantity but I have 40 of these, 10mm diam by 10mm tall. No idea what they are made of. Apologies for poor quality photo.

(Mobostyle) #5

Hi Rozcraftz, I wanted 9x8 mm, but I guess I could get away with those, how much do you want for them please?


(Roz) #6

Having checked original order I think officially they might be 10mm diam (9mm internal) x 11mm tall. If you would like them I can put up a custom listing for you. £1.25 plus £1 p&p

(Mobostyle) #7

Yes please Rozcraftz that would be great, if you can leave a link directing me where to go to buy and pay for them I would appreciate it, I have not quite worked out my way around folksy yet.


(Joy Salt) #8

It’s no use. I’m going to have to ask.

End caps of what ?

(Mobostyle) #9

hahahahaha its a cap that goes on the end of a bracelet to finish it off lol

(Roz) #10

@Mobostyle, have put up custom listing for you.

(Joanne Joyce) #11

I had some too, a bit smaller

(Mobostyle) #12

Thank you Jo yours were just a little too small but I have added you to my favourites for future reference :smile:


(Mobostyle) #13

Wanted to say thank you to Rozcraftz I recieved the end caps, although they are a little too big, they will certainly come in handy for future projects.

(Shirley Woosey) #14

I was wondering too Joy!
Now we know, you learn something every day.


Shirley x