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Where can I find?

(Birdandmonkey) #1

Hi folks,
I’m trying to find some tiny silver or steel nuts and bolts, the bolts need to be a maximum of 1mm wide. My hubby has a bracelet that he made years ago and wants to remake it in either silver or steel. Does anyone use these or know where to get them? Thanks in advance

(Karen Ellam) #2


Crikey they are small aren’t they lol. I was thinking maybe B&Q at first, but now I’m not sure.
You may find some here:

Good luck
Karen :grin:

(Birdandmonkey) #3

Yep they are tiny ones, thanks for the link I will check it out.

(Gwin Kerry) #4

I tend to use GLR Kenions - - great service :slight_smile:

(Birdandmonkey) #5

Oh they look like the things, I’ve just got to work out the size code. Thanks very much for that.

(Marion Worth) #6

Afternoon all… Help need please… I’m looking for mug blanks… But not just any type of mug blank… The kind that look like a tankard, with a rid at the bottom… Very much like the style of emma bridge water tankard mug… I’d be grateful if anyone could shed some light on it… Have looked everrrrry where