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Error message

(Rachel) #1

I am really struggling on folksy today and getting an error message. Is it just me or is anyone else getting it.


(Anita Rose Designs) #2

I got this a lot too whenever i tried to love someones item, but when I went back it had loved the item anyway!!

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(Roz) #3

Yes I’ve had this too a few times but as @AnitaRoseDesigns said when I went back to the item it seemed to have been loved anyway :slightly_smiling:

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(Annie Storkey) #4

Same here.

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(Patricia Smith) #5

Yes, I’ve had the same.

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(Rachel) #6

Could this be checked please Camila @folksycontent

(Lorraine Burt) #7

Same here.

(Camilla) #8

Are you still getting this message everyone?

(Rachel) #9

Hi Camilla I have only had it about four times today.

(Camilla) #10

Oh dear. That’s not good.
Let me pass it on to Doug.

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(CosmicCrochetUK) #11

Twice this evening for me…whilst reloading the dashboard page both times. Had to log out and back in to solve

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