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Can't favourite anything

Hi, I have a new shop on Folksy and have been exploring some of the wonderful shops on here! The problem is, every time I try to love and item or a shop I get the message that the page I am looking for doesn’t exist. has anyone else experienced this?

Morning, I just visited your lovely shop and favoured it and an item with no problems.
Maybe clear your cache or something? :grin:

Thank you so much! I will try that.

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I constantly have this - an error message. also happens when i try and feature items in my shop.

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I occasionally get the message if I’m a bit quick and try to click the heart before the page has finished loading. Try pressing the back button, then waiting a moment and trying again.

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Thanks, Helen, I’ll give that a try!

Lovely shop :slight_smile:

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Aww, thank you!