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Error message when contacting customer via Folksy

(Sally Eira) #1

Hi -
is anybody else having problems when contacting customer via Folksy messaging?
i get an error message whenever i try and contact a customer and at the moment can’t send messages.

this has been happening since friday.

the error message says

Sorry, we couldn’t send your message. Please try again.

thanks @dougfolksy @folksycontent for any help.

(Elaine) #2

Yes I had this problem yesterday.

(Rachel) #3

I am getting the 502 error when I try and renew listings.

(Patricia Smith) #4

Yes - I had the same message on Friday. The money didn’t come through from the customer, I was unable to contact her and have now had to cancel the sale. I did try to contact her via the email that was on the original sale notification from Folksy. The message appeared to send but i got no reply. I have also seen the 502 error message a few times recently but can’t recall what i was doing - quite possibly relisting.

(Sasha Garrett) #5

Has anyone emailed to make them aware of these issues? They need fixing ASAP but I’m not sure how much doug checks the forums.

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(Patricia Smith) #6

Done that!