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What to do with all my leftover Jewellery

Hi all,
I was sorting out my craft room (again!) and came across two boxes full of jewellery that I used to make. I discovered jewellery making when I was at Uni in 2003/4 and it started an all consuming passion.

I adore rocks and pebbles so finding beautiful stone beads and pearls to make jewellery with - I was in seventh heaven! I would sit and make necklaces after classes, 4, 5, 6 necklaces a night, one after the other.

Very soon I’d amassed quite few and so randomly decided to start trying to sell them at fairs and did perfectly well until the financial crash in 2008. Selling at fairs dried up and I decided I needed a career change and off I went to study to become a conservator.

Long story short, I’m left with all these necklaces which I have no idea what to do with. It seems a real pity to take them apart (not to mention a waste of materials) but I can’t really envision myself setting up a shop and attempting to sell them - I barely have enough time to do all I need to with my marbling let alone trying to spend time photographing and trying to sell stuff that is no longer my focus.

What do you think? Just try and sell them as a job lot on Eb** for someone to use the beads and components as they want?

Thanks for reading - if you’ve got this far, well done! :smile:!


Job lot on eBay would work, or job lot on here as supplies? Worth a try. Recoup a few £

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I would be interested in buying a collection like this! (At the right price!) So, as a certain advert says ‘just do it’! You maybe surprised at how much some people are prepared to pay! All the best.


Donate it to a Charity shop, Dogs Trust, Oxfam etc. That’s what I did with all my ‘leftovers’ from beadmaking.

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Job lot on ebay and if that doesn’t sell (and it probably would) donate them to a charity shop.


Thanks ladies! I think I’ll probably Ebay them and donate some money towards a local women’s charity.


Same here.

Thank you for posting this question. I too have a lot of left over materials; mine from various hobbies, that are no longer my focus, but have struggled to let go. I will have to revisit my options. Thanks also to those who have offered their suggestions, this will help me too…

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hya I wud love them only problems is i don’t have the coin,love stuff like this xx

You can sell them on ebay, donate to the charity shop or just give someone who need those.

I bought similar necklaces in the past and repurposed the beads as “upcycled gem stones” - I would also be interested in some of them :slight_smile: if you have a link to your ebay i’m happy to take a gander.

I have loads of unused seed beads and broken jewellery, that I do not use now, I was wondering what to do with them, they’re taking up loads of room, lol. I would buy the broken jewellery from charity shops as it helped them. But I do not use a lot of the beads as I’m a seed bead person and only use certain makes.
Thats the trouble with getting old and fussy hahaha