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Experimenting with free postage

Hi Folksy folks. I’ve had some success with sales and I’ve been tweeking my shop for a while now to see what’s popular and which items sell. For July only I am offering free postage to see if this generates some summer sales. Fingers crossed!


Snap!! :blush:

I too am giving Free U.K postage a whirl after reading the #folksyhour Twitter feed last night.

I can relate… when buying online I always look for that free postage option. I always feel that leaves me more money for treating myself to more things.

Let’s hope it generates some nice sales for us

Karen x


I too am experimenting with free postage but on selected items. It will be interesting to see if it entices any buyers.


I’m really interested on how you guys go on. I tend to hunt out free postage as a shopper myself, but I’m not sure how I could do it in my shop… I’d need to re-coop at least some of the cost in the price of an item. I only charge for the first item however, no matter how many items a customer buys…

I enjoyed Folksyhour, found it really interesting, I usually miss it as I’m working or putting small ones to bed!


The drawback to offering free postage on a site like this is that commissions is taken on the item price, but not the postage. If you integrate the postage into the item price to allow for ‘free’ postage you will end up paying commission on the part of the price that covers the postage too.

There is technically no such thing as ‘free’ postage - any business that offers free postage will have added delivery costs into the purchase price for the item.

My personal view is that if you have an unusual / unique and good quality product then people will be happy to pay reasonable postage. But I do admit I’m put off when people ask for postage that includes the packaging price too, as the packaging should be part of the product price.


I was all set to join in with last nights Twitter hour @SarahDesignsUK then at the last minute everything went pear shaped and I missed the first 30 minutes and then felt cheeky to join in so late.
It’s so interesting reading about people’s shopping habits. I find it fascinating.

I always feel really happy to receive free postage, but it is tricky for us with our handmade goodies.

I’m going to give it a whirl and see how it goes.

It would be great to hear everyone’s experience of offering the free postage :blush:

That’s an interesting point Sara @DandelionsGallery

so much to think about :confused:

Good point DandelionsGallery but I suppose it depends on what you’re
selling and the stage you’re at with your business. I’m still trying to
establish my business and for me, offering free postage is experimental to
see if I can generate more sales and thus a higher profile for my business
online. If it doesn’t work then I’ll learn and move on.

I think one of the issues we all have is the cost of postage and we have
little control over that unfortunately.

Good luck Karen x

Good luck x

I sell (attempt to sell) on another site that insists on having ‘free’ postage, since my items are only insured in the post if I use special delivery (minimum £6.45) and the site charges me 25% commission I had to bump all my prices up by over £8 just to make sure I covered the postage cost. Definately not ‘free’ postage to the customer.
As a consumer I don’t mind paying for postage, especially if it is from an independent seller, however depending on the cost of postage vs the cost of the item I might bulk buy so that I don’t have to pay the postage too often.


I tried free postage about a year ago, mainly because I was selling in shops and it made my items nearer to the price the shops were charging for them but, personally, I didn’t find it worked for me. I didn’t sell as much as I do with separate postage.

Selling sites will always try to encourage us to offer free postage, as they know we’ll have to add the postage into our product price, and therefore they get more commission from us.

Oh, I do this too! Usually with pet food and treats, as they are bulky and weigh heavy. I shop at the stores that offer free postage if you spend over a certain amount, and then but a years supply in at a time, lol!

I have often toyed with the idea of ‘free’ postage, but like Sara @DandelionsGallery says, all that happens is we have to add £3+ into the cost of the item so we are not out of pocket ourselves.
At the end of the day, there is no such thing as a free lunch, someone has to pay the postage.
Psychologically, I know ‘free’ postage can persuade some customers, but surely only when comparing mass produced identical products. In our unique handmade world, doesn’t being totally honest and open about the cost of postage add authenticity to our craft, passion, business?
I would love to know how everyone fairs, I may still have to change my mind…but until then I am sticking my head in the wool basket and hoping a plethora of customers flock to our shops who value the concept of small independent sellers and are willing to ‘share the love’. After all if we understand the postage conundrum, then surely our target market will too?
Suzzie x


I’ve added free postage to any of my supplies that are under £1.00 - mainly because I thought would I personally buy a 38p item and then pay £1.20 postage.

I’ve not added anything to the cost to re-coup the difference but I have ensured a 50p additional item cost so for just 1 item, the most I’ll give away is the cost of a large letter - and I have a stash of stamps already bought and paid for - and if it’s more I’ll get it back (mostly) in the additional postage charges.

I should add I’m actually closing my shop in 4 weeks so I’m really at the nothing to loose stage and am just looking to take in some cash, de-stash/de-clutter and hopefully pass on stock (and jewellery) to a good home where it will be used.

For those considering Free Shipping, this is the info behind the discussion on #folksyhour on Twitter if you missed it.

yep me too. I have now got free postage to the UK on all my coin purses. I want to see how that turns out before I change everything as it takes a while !

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Ha, seems to be a popular theme at the moment, thought I too would pop on here and start a thread of ‘trying free postage’ to find one already set up - have now made all my items free delivery :slight_smile: - lets all hope it helps… have to say it is something I look for when buying…

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August 1st and the experiment of free postage for July is over for me. It hasn’t worked for me so I have now reverted to my post July postage prices and will look at other ways to increase sales. It’s still a very new way for me to sell my craft!

Starting this message thread has opened up a very useful discussion and really made me think so thank you to all who have contributed.