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Free post Does it Work

Going to try free post To uk to see if it Works

I’ve started to offer free U.K postage too as it’s something I always look out for when ordering online.

I’ve had a couple of sales since, but can’t say whether the free postage was a lure.

It always seems quiet for me in August so hopefully after the decorating is completed I can carry on stocking up for the seasons ahead.

Karen :blush:

If you include postage in your price then you will pay commission to Folksy on the postage as well as the thing you are selling. Probably not a good idea.


I was considering this too but realised the same thing. I’m going to keep charging the postage, that way the item doesn’t seem over priced by having postage cost added.

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I had a little trial of free postage about a year or so ago but I didn’t see any difference in my sales so I went back to charging. I always felt it made my items look more expensive at first glance.

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Thanks for That Joy

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There is a psychology behind free postage, Folksy did a blog entry about it:

You could always do it as a promotion for a month and see if it makes any difference to you.


i had a bit of a (moral)dither about this last week…

i had a load of new products to list, so thought i’d try “free” postage (but built into the item price) on them. perfect opportunity because they weren’t things i’d listed before.

when i actually came to list though, the item prices themselves looked silly, despite “free”.
also, it wasn’t reeeeally free.
and i started fretting about, what if customers bought more than one item? they’d potentially be paying, like, £9 in “free” postage.

it didn’t sit right with me so i went back and changed it all.

i might try again another day :wink:

It also depends on the items your making & selling too.
I’m lucky that my items are small, lightweight and most go as a first class large letter.

If you make larger, heavy items I can understand the dilemma of needing to increase the price of the item to allow for free postage costs.