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Fabric dye on denim

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #1

Hello ladies and gents.
I’m just asking to see if anyone has any feedback on dying directly onto denim (without bleaching).
I have a lovely pair of denim dungarees that I’d like to dye either grey, purple or a maroon red.
Just wondering if it’s essential to bleach first? I have dyed successfully when bleaching but it’s such a smelly job, if I could get nice results without I’d happily skip it. I know the colour wouldn’t be as vivid but I just wondered how much difference it would make.

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

(JuliaYorkDesigns) #2


I would have thought that dyeing directly onto the denim (blue?) will mean that you’re ‘over-dyeing’ one colour on top of another. So, if you over dyeing the blue with a grey the grey will probably look darker and may have a bluer hue than you’d like unless of course it’s quite a dark you’re going for.

If you dye with a maroon red then I think it’s possible that you may end up with a reddish purple - kind of a colour theory thing really… blue + red = purple.

I suppose it’s down to how experimental you feel. I think I’d advise you to do a swatch test - you’ve probably got some old jeans somewhere that you could cut something off and just try it before you commit to a colour and judge whether it’s worth bleaching them first. (The bleaching process can weaken fibres, particularly natural ones such as the cotton in denim, so overtime you shorten their life.)

Love to know what you decide and how it works out… so please post :smile:

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(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #3

That all makes perfect sense.
Thank you for your help, I did find a case where someone had died their jeans red without any sort of lightening of the jeans, they did turn purple!