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Just joined

Hi im Jane ive just joined the Folksy community and like it so far ive started making bags from vintage Levi’s denim jeans and was selling them on Etsy, but decided to branch out and sell them here also

Just thought i would say Hi and introduce myself


Welcome to Folksy Jane. Your bags would do well at music festivals. have you got those in your tag words? I am in the middle of doing Festival badges on denim plus a load of Steampunk stuff.

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Hi - I just had a look at a couple of your listings and have a tip for you. You’ve written your tags like instagram tags running all the words together (eg upcycleddenim) but the tags on folksy need to be like the phrases people will type into the search box ie upcycled denim. That little space makes all the difference.
Good luck and happy selling.


Thank you ai will correct these

Welcome Jane, I love upcycled bags, I have made several and always sold them quickly on other sites, I now mainly make patchwork quilts, but can’t resist looking in charity shops for upcycling projects. I love the fact that fabric is saved from landfill. Good luck with Folksy.

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That reminds me Marg bought a denim jacket from charity and still to upcycle. So many projects and not enough hours in the day, :rofl:

Hi everyone I’m Sarah ( I set an account up 2 years ago in my husbands name and now I cant change it) :joy: I officially tried again 2 days ago and still finding it hard to get around and try and promote my shop but sure it will be good in the long run.
It’s nice to see that a lot of others are joining and are in the same boat. I make custom rubber stamps/logo stamps, if anyone ever needs me give me a shout x

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Welcome Jane, your bags are great, good luck with your Folksy shop :slight_smile:

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Welcome. Good luck with your new shop. :grin:

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Thank you everyone x

Hi, cannot believe I missed this. I joined a week ago now I think…
I work with glass and make decorative gifts and jewellery.
Getting to grips with the forum and how to work at generating clicks etc. I actually opened my shop over 6 years ago but did not do anything with it. I was social media shy then. I have to say I am really impressed with how helpful and friendly everyone is and the Folksy support is brilliant.
So pleased to be here.

Hi there, I love your bags. I too only started recently. I have popped over to your shop to have a nose and also I favourited your shop and liked all your items. Apparently it helps with shop visability to have clicks.

sorry don’t know the answer to your question, why don’t you ask Folksy help, they are really helpful.
Visited your shop, oooooh I love a stamp. BTW can you choose the depth of your stamp? As I stamp on glass it is best to have a deeper cut in the rubber. Anyway, I favourtied your shop and liked all your listings to help you with visibility. I am new too so I believe this is very helpful!

Hi Sarah. I’ve managed to change your name to Sarah Naracci on here but I can’t change your username unfortunately. I’ll have another look and see if I can work it out.

Thank you so much that’s brilliant x