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Woven labels - recommendations


Wondered if anyone could recommend a company that will supply a small run (max 200) of custom woven labels for sewing onto my garments?

Any suggestions for using these also welcomed i.e. should i get satin, or go for the printed rather than the woven variety?



I used this company to get my garment labels

I opted for the woven labels with a glitter finish and was really happy with how they came out, they also offer sample packs so that might be a good idea before you buy more.

Hope that helps

Natasha :smile:

Thanks for your reply, Natasha.

I’m starting to have doubts on the woven labels as they may be too stiff for some of my more delicate items (silk mainly). I’m thinking satin printed instead??
But you’re right in that getting a sample pack might be the way to go.

You’re welcome, I think the satin printed would definitely be the better option for delicate items. The woven are definitely made for sturdier fabrics.

You could also try Cash’s name tapes. I have labels made by them and you can order small amounts e.g. 36 up to 144 with options for fonts, design, colour etc.

Thanks Natasha for confirming my suspicions that woven will be too stiff for my needs. I will take a look at jjcash. Thanks Bunting Babe for that one!