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So I took the plunge yesterday and created my facebook and twitter pages!

I managed 52 likes on facebook! Only 17 followers on twitter- still getting my head around twitter!

Find me on facebook at Talk of the Town Parties- running a competition to win a free christmas card pack…

And twitter @uktalkofthetown

If I figure out how to add a link I will!

Anyone else setting up recently on social media? :blush:

Also trying the FB website promotion see if it makes a difference … Will let you know!

Just liked you on Facebook and followed you on Twitter, (funny thing social media). Hope it goes well! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you DaisyWings! Liked your page too :blush:

I’m trying for 100 likes… Just made over 60… !

Hi Jennifer! Liked your page :slight_smile: I’m stucked on 92 likes on my page - I was hoping for 100 likes last week to make new giveaway, but looks like I have no luck :frowning:
Also followed you on Twitter :slight_smile: You can find me here:
and here

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Have followed you on Twitter :slight_smile:

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Thank you and thank you!

I am following you now too :smile:

I’ve just checked my emails this afternoon and I have a new follower. I was so surprised to see who it was. It happens to Niall Horan from 1direction. Yes you read it right. I cannot think why he wants to follow me but I’m not complaining, someone famous at last has seen me.

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Well done for so many likes!
I set up my facebook page a few weeks ago and I only have 30 likes!
How did you get so many likes so quickly?
On twitter I have got 73 followers in about 2 weeks, don’t know how though!
Good luck with everything!

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I just used the ads section…get more likes…you set your budget…I spent about $15 over the day or two…and facebook puts your ad onto peoples page…I also ran a competition as an incentive!

Now I have stopped the ad my likes have gone down…so I might do it again next month see if I can get to 200!

I don;t want to spend anymore this month!

I think the best way to get more likes and followers on FB and Twitter is to interact with others, be interesting and be consistent.
As a guide, I’ve read that ideally you should post once a day on FB and tweet about 10 times a day on twitter.

Wow just went on your FB page, nearly 1000 likes! Well done! Thats fab!

Thanks for the guidance its great to see how others who are successful do things. V helpful too!

How long has that take to achieve if you don’t mind me asking? I noticed you also have a shop on not on the high street, has that helped at all?

I’ve been on FB for about 5 years. To be honest I do struggle with it as I’m not great at shouting about myself and I don’t want to spam people by just advertising my wares every day. I’ve only just started to post on FB more frequently (I try and do 1 post a day) and I think I gained more followers in the last few months than I did over the 1st 4 years! I haven’t paid for any ads by the way and I haven’t done any giveaways or competitions yet either, which can be a good way to get more likers.
I find twitter a lot easier. I’ve been on there for about 6 years and I have over 3,700 followers, again I haven’t paid for any ads.
I try to follow the 80/20 rule on social media. I interact and engage with others 80% of the time and I promote my products only 20% of the time.
I don’t think being on not on the high street has helped that much as there are no links to FB, Twitter and Pinterest on your shop front like here, but there is good community of sellers and we all chat to each other on twitter and FB.

Well well done! Obviously a lot of hard work!
I hope in 4-5 years I have as many likes and followers!


Thanks. I work on milly and pip full time, so I just see social media as part of running the business. Just keep at it and even if you feel like no one is reading anything, keep going, it can be really good for SEO too, so even though you may feel that you are getting no where fast, the google bots will be reading :0)

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