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Increasing views on facebook

I have found a brilliant facebook page called Hand Made UK which promote sellers like us. (I have checked with Folksy that it is ok to give this a mention!)

They run promotion events most evenings which you can join in for free they do also have promotion packages which you can sign up for that are extremely reasonable (I have but you do not have to).

When I have had something posted on their page my reach has gone up into thousands. I have only been on Facebook since Jan and was really struggling with page likes as I just didn’t know anybody on fb to start with. Since interacting with HMUK my page likes have gone from 19 to 50 last night in just a week. They are people who genuinely like what I do and are leaving lovely comments. It’s not just liking for the sake of it. I have already had one person go on to buy 3 items from my Folksy shop who found me through this.

I haven’t noticed anyone I know from Folksy on there and know from recent posts we are all suffering with lack of general traffic to our shops so anything that helps has to be good.

Anyway I just wanted to let you all know, I found them by accident and am so glad I did. Pop over and have a look. Tonight I think is Instagram promotion but other nights it is usually facebook (which of course will lead people to Folksy). If you want to check out their packages click on sign up on the banner, it just takes you to a page with all the prices. There is absolutely no pressure to do anything it’s just a lovely friendly place run by a lovely lady called Jayne.

Hope this helps some of you.


Julie, thanks for this. I haven’t come across this before, but any help I can get on social media promotion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing. Ruth

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Thanks Julie I’ll have a nice little browse later this evening. :)grin:

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Thanks Julie, I will try this.


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It really does seem to be helping me, I’m very happy with results so far!!!

You might want to take a look at British Crafters, run by our very own @dottiedesigns too Julie. It’s a great promotion site on Facebook with promotion packages for FB and Twitter to buy (take a look at the website for details), but also you might get a free share if you post something to the daily thread too. I can testify that a share on there helps reach and leads to sales too :slightly_smiling:


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Thank you I am going to have a look :blush::+1:t2:

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Thanks @JoSara yes I am signed up to British Crafters too but it doesn’t hurt to spread the word as far as possible. x

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Thanks for sharing this info. I’ll try it, too! :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks Julie, I pop over and take a look, sounds great! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for sharing. I struggle with Facebook reach :blush:

Do you all share your page posts in groups? I share mine in knitting, folksy and handmade groups and it does quite well. I have just under 1,800 likes with a reach of just under 9,000 and post engagement just under 4,000

Thanks Julie - I’ve just posted on there. It looks great!

Good luck everyone!!!