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Hello Guys,

I have just finally started making use of the Facebook page for my business. I set it up ages ago but never fully made any use of it. I want to try and get the ball rolling, so any likes, follows and interactions would be very much appreciated!

New Facebook Page (click the link)

I’m happy to follow people back and return the favour!


Hi Ed, I just followed your page. Will pop up later and leave some comments. One think to keep in mind with FB following, is that you don’t want people to follow you and disappear, as it actually harms your page. It happens a lot though. Also, not liking a lot of posts at once without commenting, as this harms both pages (the one that gives the likes and the one that receives the likes). So really speaking, try to be active to the pages you follow, and most of them will do the same at yours (there are always exceptions of course :rofl:)
Good luck with your page and your shop!

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Hi Ed. I’ve just restarted my page again. Looking for likes/follows. I have just popped over to yours. Here is mine :blush:

Good luck with the social media
Ruth :slight_smile:



Thank you so much for both the follow & interactions, as well as the very helpful advice :blush: I really appreciate it!

I will definitely make sure to be an active follower as much as I can - thank you so much again :pray:t2:

Thank you so much Ruth - love your page and have followed back and left a few comments!

I look forward to seeing more of your lovely designs :blush:

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You’re very welcome. Thank you so much :kissing_heart:

Good luck with promotion :slight_smile:

That is an exceptionally bad idea. Bought in followers dilute the reach to real interested followers. Please do not give such bad advice on here.
PS I have reported the post above.

How are spam profiles allowed to enter and chat on the forum?

How can they be stopped ?.
Fortunately we have a pretty efficient reporting button and I hit mine :rofl:

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