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Fair Prices?

I have recently opened my shop. I make knitted items using top quality yarns often hand spun and hand dyed but always natural products, pure wools, silk, mohair, alpaca etc. I have had lots of views which is encouraging but at this time of year would have expected some sales. I am confident with my prices taking into account the cost of the materials (I don’t use cheap or mass produced yarns) and time spent but wonder if the prices are what is putting buyers off?

They don’t look expensive to me.

I don’t use animal based yarns myself due to an allergy to them so I’m not sure how much your particular yarns cost.

Don’t forget price at the price that covers all your costs and gives you a profit margin you’re happy with. Anyone who can’t afford your prices isn’t really your target market.

You have some nice items

all the best.

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Thank you for your kind comments and yes that’s a good point about my target market. Thanks again

You have some lovely things. Your prices look spot on to me. I think you could perhaps mention in your listing about the type of yarn(s) you have used to make the prospective buyer realise the uniqueness of the item.

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Thank you Sarah yes I think you are right I do struggle with writing decent descriptions it’s something I need to work on. I’ll take a look tomorrow and add that in.

The items are lovely and not at all over-priced. Perhaps you could review your shop ‘branding’ to ensure buyers know immediately that you use luxury or natural yarns - at the moment your banner doesn’t really portray this and there’s no mention of it in your tagline. Imagine your target customer and make your shop appeal to them (easier said than done, I know! I’m still struggling with it :)) I think you really need to emphasise the quality of the yarns used and the workmanship.


Your prices look fair to me. I think you need to mention your fibres in the title of the item so that when people are looking through search results they immediately know why they are priced slightly higher than the other pairs so rather than having ‘ladies mittens’ as the title have ‘soft pure wool ladies mittens’. If you are using hand made or hand dyed yarns then mention that fact in the listing (and possibly put some washing instructions in, I’ve experienced colour loss on washing with hand dyed yarns), some items look like they might have been knitted with Noro yarns - these are premium yarns so if I’m right it might be worth mentioning that then people will know they are getting a good deal.
Finally, folksy crop the main image to square in our shop fronts and in search results. Some of your images aren’t square so have lost bits of the item from the shop front image thanks to the ‘folksy crop’.
Good luck


thank you Christine some excellent point there - definitely need a revamp of the shop look and descriptions as that does keep coming up! thanks again for taking the time to look and reply

Thank you Sasha some excellent points again and thanks for the heads up on the Folksy crop didn’t know that will definitely be doing some work on photos and descriptions today thanks again!

I think your prices are very reasonable, the slippers look cosy and warm. The weather has been a bit too warm lately, now the cold spell has come hopefully everyone will be buying more warm clothing.
Good luck with your shop. Marg. x

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I think your prices are good. You have some lovely items. Liz

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Thank you for taking the time to look and for your response. It’s nice to to have comments from another woolly worker :wink: Karen

thank you and yes

Can’t wait for them to arrive, my feet are so cold of an evening.


Sorry no idea on prices for your craft. I think it’s still close to Christmas and some are waiting for the monthly pay check, iv also had a lot of visitors and I know my prices are good because I couldn’t keep up before Christmas. Keep chin up and carry on

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It can take a while for things to get going on here when you first set up so don’t lose heart. Your shop is lovely I especially love your autumn flowers scarf.

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thank you unfortunately I don’t have previous months to compare as my shop is new but definitely going to keep going

thank you Helen that scarf has sold well from my fb page I sold 4 in the lead up to Christmas from there

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I hope I am not going to sound bad here, but I think you need to review your pics. They make your lovely things look rather ordinary. I also don’t think your items are overpriced being a knitter myself. Good luck, I have yet to take the plunge into seller so well done for being brave.

No all comments gratefully received! Photos are my weak point they were worse the first time round but still need more work. Thanks for the feedback :smile: