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My new Folksy shop

Hello, I’m very new to Folksy and would welcome help and advice from experienced sellers. My shop, OffTheBobbin is an outlet for my hand spun wool, shawls and accessories. If you could find time to have a look and critique I’d be grateful

Hi Pat

Welcome to Folksy. :blush:

Your shop is looking fab.

Just a few things I’ve noticed.

Take the time to fill in the Meet the Maker section.

Some of your photos aren’t cropped correctly. For example your mittens. If it wasn’t for your description on those I wouldn’t know that’s what they were. ( they are lovely by the way) :blush:

Try to use all the available tags per listing. They are really important.

Last but not least… Promote like crazy :wink:

Hope this helps
All the best with your shop


Thank you Karen, that’s really helpful. I know the photos aren’t the best and I will re-do them, I just wanted to get started. I will fill in the Meet the Maker section right now!

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Hi Pat,

You have some lovely items in your shop. Are you going to be selling yarn too?

Welcome to Folksy, you have a lovely shop. Can’t add anymore than what @karenscraftybitz has mentioned. Everyone on the Forums are a friendly bunch so anything you are not sure about just ask.

Thank you Sarah, yes I shall be selling a small amount of yarn when I have it to spare.

Hi Dawn, thank you for taking the time, I think Folksy is a very friendly place!

Welcome to Folksy. I think Karen’s advice above pretty much has it covered. You have some lovely items listed. Good luck with your venture.

Thank you Helen, I appreciate all the advice and help.

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