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FAO Folksy Team. Re:advertising

Morning Folksy people.
Please can you tell me where Folksy is currently advertised/marketed?
I’ve not been here long so am curious to know. Thanx lots

You’re best to do your own via social media. Hope that helps!

Hi Sue, I do some already, just curious as to where the company promotes already. Thanx for replying. x

Printed bags and bumper stickers :slight_smile:

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Most of the marketing we do is online rather than in the printed press or on television (we wish!). So we pay for product listing adverts for all Folksy shops on Google, and advertise on Facebook and Instagram (we’ll be doing more of that). A large part of our marketing centres around social media, growing our following and engagement so we can reach more people online. Our low commission rate on items makes it very difficult for us to see a return on investment for paid advertising in the printed press - especially on individual items. Instead we work with various partners (magazines, blogs, influencers) to create content, run promotions and feature our sellers and products. We also subscribe to press request services so we can send out tailored responses based on those press call-outs, and send out press releases.

I hope that helps and that I haven’t missed anything.


Hi Camilla,
That’s great thank you x