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Advertising folksy

(LuPins) #1

I’m thinking of selling on folksy but do you guys think folksy does enough to put it self out there with the likes of etsy , etc. Imunderstand I’ve got to do my bit aswell with social media but I’d really like to make it work in folksy aand not have to go to etsy. What do you guys think

(James Alden) #2

There was a thread running , advertising folksy in magazines and maybe tv,you may want to have a read.There was a good response from admin and they are putting themselves out there and looking at ways to improve,getting featured on a tv program was one of them.

(LuPins) #3

Thanks for that . Yeah just seen it. I think it’s a good idea

(James Alden) #4

Folksy has the best of the best makers and a smaller community,it’s not all roses and there has been a decline in sales recently so I am led to believe,but all in all worth going for,well made will pull in customers and you don’t have to compete with over seas sellers or mass produced “sweat shop” handmade as it has been described as.

(Denise Payne) #5

Why not run a shop on both Folksy and Etsy.
Both have advantages.
I sell on here and Etsy and have found its much slower on here for sales where as Etsy sales are more frequent . The community is much larger and in some ways much more friendly and helpful.
There are less shops on folksy making it easier to be found.
Good luck

(LuPins) #6

Yeah that’s a good idea. I had thought to do that. Will have a think. Cheers