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Promote Folksy?

(Liz Clark) #1

@sianfolksy Whilst I of course promote my shop all over, would it be ok to promote Folksy generally? Are there any guidelines? Could I for example create a poster promoting Folksy and ask my local coffee shop to display it? Or maybe leave them some postcards instead?

I ask as people may not want to buy my items, but they may want to make purchases from others on Folksy.

(Roz) #2

Good point - maybe folksy could make some posters/flyers that could be downloaded and printed off to take to craft fairs, put up in local shops. The more we can get the message out there the better.

(Sian ) #3

I’m afraid it’s a bit restricted due to the trademark, and we ask that you be clear that you are not a representative of Folksy in any promotions. There’s more info here:

A printable official Folksy poster would be great though @Rozcraftz - I was just thinking the same thing! Let me have a think and speak to the team in the office tomorrow and I’ll get back to you…

(Liz Clark) #4

I suspected as such Sian hence my raising it. A downloadable poster would be great though.

(Lynn Britton) #5

A downloadable poster would be wonderful. It should certainly help to spread the word about Folksy.

(Little Ramstudio) #6

Imagine if we all had a car sticker :slight_smile:

(Myfanwys Appliques) #7

That’s a really good idea.
Rosalind x

(Sian ) #8

draws the line >


(Shirley Woosey) #9


Can I have a sticker for my motorhome then instead, please ? LOL

Shirley x

(Grimm Exhibition) #10

Im sure Ive read that Folksy deal with their own promotion. But it would be great if they would let us use a logo, its to their benefit as well after all.

(Liz Clark) #11

That did make me laugh!

(Sarah Lambert) #12

We could have bumper stickers saying ‘What would Folksy do?’ :wink:

(Sian ) #13

Right, we are not able to give permission to use the Folksy logo or provide a downloadable poster at the moment (due to concerns over consistent design and print quality). However, depending on cost, we may be able to provide some other promotional products.

Could you give me an idea of the types of promotional materials you think would be likely to use, and how/where you would use them? I’m willing to be open minded about car bumper stickers but I reserve the right to take that statement back :wink:


(Sian ) #14

haha… no comment!

(Grimm Exhibition) #15

What advertising did you change about a year ago, because my shops been like a ghost town. Whatever you wer doing can you tell me so I can do it, or reinstate it.
Just getting the name out there would be good, give people a bit of curiousity to at least take a look.
How about a radio jingle.

(Sian ) #16

Sorry, to be clear - I’m not talking about marketing or advertising (nothing has changed significantly since last year).

Without leading you too much, examples of promotional materials would be posters, postcards, stickers…

(Liz Clark) #17

I admit I did some googling last night on Folksy as a brand to get a feel for it all especially as I’m a relative newbie to here and wanted to understand it better. Many people don’t know who Folksy are and it is discussed on many different forums, whether to use the other site, which everyone seems to know, or here. I explain why I chose here and then I had to think again over my reasons for that. I still prefer the ethos of Folksy but equally I want the discerning public out there to know about it and want them to visit and purchase the individually fantastic items that are for sale here. But you guys know your brand and where you want Folksy to be at in the online handmade retail arena, and I have to trust in that. I liked the David/Goliath analogy I read in an interview about the Folksy brand. :wink:

I can see how downloading a poster for print at home maybe would not be best for the brand with regards to quality control. Bumper stickers could be cool in a funny quirky way, but again tricky to handle in ensuring their use fits with the brand. Maybe quality postcards that can be left in various independent coffee shops? Or maybe a link up with Moo that for every set of business cards for Folksy users they get some promotional material to link in with that for use at fairs?

Now I’ve actually sat and thought about it all, I can see it isn’t as easy as I thought it was. :-/

(Elaine) #18

I’m for the car sticker - it doesn’t have to be big or brash, just enough to get people intrigued. I actually have one for my own website on one of our cars and quite often get asked about it. I’m always following up on car stickers that I see when sitting behind them in a car park or traffic queue.


(Fiona Thomson) #19

i don’t really know what my opinion is yet, but i really liked what @BigBirdLittleBird had to say (:

car stickers though… they just don’t say modern british craft to me. although…

“honk if you like handmade”
“my other car’s handfelted”
"unique linoprint unicorn on board"

(Sian ) #20

I’m totally on board with this