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Feedback on crafts tools

Hi guys,
I’m a product design student currently at university and we have been set our new design brief, we are to redesign and improve the craft knife.
I am posting on here to get any feedback or issues you have with already existing products or why you use the knife you do. Safety worries, ease of use, anything you want to be improved, any ideas you have really.

Any feedback is welcome and would be really handy!


I have used many in my time, the scalpel is probably my most used, maybe a softer handle, if this hasn’t already been developed, I still have mine from art college albeit with fresh blades! I have cut myself several times, at least they’re clean cuts. And again, a simple cover for the blade, we used to make them from folded bits of thin cardboard and sellotape, I took mine out whilst I was sketching once and successfully managed to stab myself when I was checking to see if it was in the pocket, maybe again, this has been done? I only ever buy replacement blades these days. The Stanley knife is another tool box favourite, again, a softer cover, these blades retract, they are a bit of a fiddle to change the blades around, but I think this makes them stronger to use. In more recent years, I have bought twisle (if that’s how you spell it) blade knives, these are soft handled, the blades break quickly if you apply too much pressure, but it means you can cut really fine curves effectively, you just have to learn to use them. Hope this is of help :blush:

I use a scalpel if I need a crisp cut on kumihimo cords/soutache. Biggest problem is applying too much pressure to the blade and damaging it, i e total user error.

As a teacher in a secondary school I find that a lot of my Graphic Design students can’t get their head around how to hold a scalpel or craft knife correctly and often end up damaging their work or themselves as a result. A more ergonomic design would be my starting point if I were tackling your task, especially since I end up with a dent in my finger which lasts for hours after using mine for long periods.

I also agree with developing a cover (if it hasn’t been done already) since I can’t use scalpels at school as they lack a guard/cover and have to instead use retractable knives with my GCSE students for safety reasons and they’re just awful!
Good luck with your project!

I use a scalpel, I always end up wrapping Elastoplast around the bit that I hold, it would be nice to have a more comfy soft grip. The other biggest hate is changing the blade, it never seems an easy task and a blade cover when not using is a big plus. :slight_smile: good luck :slight_smile: