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Craft equipment with dual purpose

I thought it may be an idea to share ideas re other uses for tools.

I have a laminator which I used for a project years back, but wondered what else I could use it for. Any crafty idea?

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I have a large collection of odd knitting needles which I use to make jump rings - you can buy proper tools for doing this but I think that going to my local cats protection shop and buying the odd needles they can’t otherwise sell for 10p each is better.
I’m not sure I’d be happy putting things other than laminator pockets through a laminator in case they melt or damage the machine in some way. But there are many things that can be laminated to make them reuseable. We have a laminated meal plan in our house - we printed off an A4 blank week calendar, laminated it and now write on it in water soluble pen so at the end of the week we can wash every thing off and plan for the next week (who’s in or out on what days, who’s cooking and what - makes writing a shopping list much easier - its stuck inside one of the cupboards with velcro dots). I have a similar thing for commissions.


If I have knitting patterns from magazines or some that are well worn I laminate them to give them a longer life.

Good idea - I have some recipes ripped from magazines that I use regularly and if I laminate them they will be wipe clean.

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