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Feedback on shop
Hi everyone just wanted some advice. I’m new to Folksy. I make handmade cards. I need to know if my pictures of my cards are good enough and more importantly are my prices okay? I have made 2 sales okay one was my sister but the other lady bought a card but left no feedback which is disappointing. Craft fairs have never been that great so I am trying to promote more online and I’m trying to learn how to market my cards better. Any tips advice grateful. I have a FB page as well and on instagram. I wasn’t aware of how important it is to tag things ! thanks Debbie x

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Hi Debbie,
Your shop and items are really lovely and extremely reasonably priced!
With regards to feedback, only those with a folksy account can leave feedback, I’ve sold items and some are bought by guest buyers so I don’t get any feedback so try not to be too disappointed, I think Folksy are working on that so it should change soon hopefully x

Thank you, that is reassuring to hear. I didn’t know that about feedback either. x

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Your shop is lovely to I’ve just had a little peek x

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Thanks Debbie :slight_smile:
Folksy are on Facebook, why not join?

Everyone’s great on there, plus you could try some other pages where they sell handcrafted items, that’s where some of my orders come from… might be worth a try too :grinning:x

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Great I’ll check that out x

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Your prices seem very reasonable even if your cards aren’t quite to my taste (not a criticism as I’m sure there are lots of people they will appeal to). I couple of things I like to know when buying cards - does it come appropriately packed to cope with the british postal service ie in a cello bag to protect from rain and in a stiffened envelope so that it doesn’t get bent (my postie isn’t very careful when he rams things through the letter box).
The card market is crowded on folksy (a quick look and there are over 15 thousand!) so you need to make sure that your tags/ title/ description are in tip top form to make sure you get found in searches and that your photos make people want to look closer. Search bots like repeatition so if a card is titled ‘mother’s day card’ it is then worth repeating ‘mother’s day card’ in the description and tags so that the search bot knows that it really is a mothers day card (I’m looking at the cupcake card and there is no mention of it being a mother’s day card in the description). Search bots also prioritise the info in the first 2 paragraphs so make sure all the important stuff is in there. When I first list a new range I like to get a friend to try and find it on folksy taking a note of what search terms they use and then add those to my tags/ description.
When you’ve checked all of that it’s time to promote, promote, promote by any means possible.
Good luck


Hi Sasha thank you for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate your feedback and I completely understand about different tastes. I will spend time on my tags as well as I realise how important they are. It’s good to have feedback from fellow crafters. Thanks again x

That’s a good tip about the repetition Sasha!
Good luck Debbie - I think it takes a while, a lot of work and top tips from other people to achieve steady sales! :slight_smile:

Your cards are lovely but I think your designs might show up better on a brighter background and all the same colour e.g. lemon, pale blue or pink. White would be even better. I don’t think the backgrounds do your lovely cards justice.

Thank you I appreciate your feed back and I agree with you its hard choosing a background so I will focus on that more x Debbie