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Newbie asking for some advice

Hi, I just joined Folky and am slowly adding my items. I make cards and knitted goods. I also have a shop on Etsy but feel that I am just hidden at the back of searches and not found by buyers,

Do you have any constructive feedback on my shop?

How can I promote my shop?


Hi and welcome to Folksy, no advice from me at the moment but I just wanted to say hi :slight_smile:

Jan x

Hello and welcome

If you haven’t already, take a look at the huge amount of top tips from Folksy and the sellers on the blog over at

There is also a section on using Social Media to get your shop seen

So grab a cuppa and have a read!

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Welcome to Folksy :slight_smile: Just get stuck in and try to list as many items as you can.

Maybe you could join the daily listing club here on the forums as it encourages you to list an item a day plus everyone promotes each others work.

welcome to folksy…there are various threads on the forums where you can show your work…
Ones for your cards and a knitting and crochet thread for your knitwear…

Welcome to Folksy, just had a look at your shop and your pictures look lovely - very pretty and inviting. I agree with the other comments about joining in the forums, there are lots of lovely supportive people on there

Hello & welcome. :slight_smile: I’ve been on Folksy for years, but have only recently started to pay it more attention again. I also have a shop on E, which does significantly better than this one. I definitely have not got the hang of Folksy SEO, although I have tried! My best advice is to read all you can in the help sections & blog about Folksy-specific titling, tagging & marketing (etc) because I can tell you from experience that just doing things the same way as you would on E will not get you the best exposure.

I’ve found there is very little built-in, drive-by traffic here, so if you want Folksy to be your main source for online sales, then you need to be pro-active in directing your potential buyers here - business cards, blog/website, social media etc: make this their first port of call. Good luck!

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