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Feedback taken on board

(Ruth ) #1

Hi, I was really appreciative of some feedback I was given a few weeks ago on my photos. Sometimes you can be too close to something and not see the obvious!
I have spent some time revisiting and have uploaded new photos - hopefully these will show off my items in a better light.
A huge thank you to those folksy members that gave me that vital feedback.

Now I just need to master facebook, twitter, pintrest…I’m sure the list will be never ending.


(Melanie Commins) #2

That stone makes a great background for your silver jewellery, and the light looks nice and even across all of your photos.

Watch your focal distance though, in some of your pictures your jewellery is a bit blurry and the background is in focus. This basically means that your camera has been too close to the thing you were photographing and couldn’t focus at that distance. You could try moving a little further back when you take the image and then cropping the image later to fill the frame. Or if your camera has a macro setting try using that instead of the normal setting.

Once you get the focus right your piccys will be spot on :slight_smile:

(Ruth ) #3


Hi, thanks for responding. I’ve previously used a white background, but agree the pieces look so much better on the slate - amazing what you can find in the garden. Thanks for the tip about about being further back - I’m no photographer but do understand the need for good photos for an on line shop. Thanks for taking time to look. All help is greatly appreciated.


(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Yep sometime you have to stand a wee bit back and then use the zoom function on the camera. It’s all about playing around and taking far more photo’s than you think you’ll require. Then once you have them you laptop you can weed out the not so good one.

Some of my photos aren’t brilliant but you should see how many I delete to even get 5 not so bad ones.

Well done for not giving up and having another go. :slight_smile:

Your silver is showing up fantastic with that darker background it makes the necklace really pop. :slight_smile: