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New to Folksy & forum

(Ruth ) #1

Hi, I’m new to Folksy - and forums. Just thought I’d say hello to the Folksy community and ask for a wee bit of help.
I have spent most of the day listing items and would really appreciate feedback - good or bad.
If anyone has advice on how to promote folksy shops I would greatly appreciate it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Ruth

(Oh Button Me) #2

Hello ruth welcome

Your jewellery is lovely just promote your items and do what you love good luck :grinning:

(Brenda Cumming) #3

welcome Ruth, good luck with your shop.

(Dawn Sneesby) #4

Welcome Ruth, your jewellery is lovely, just one criticism - your photographs are a little out of focus and a bit too light. You could try taking photos on a darker background such as slate or grey card. It’s really difficult to get good snaps of silver because of the reflection and everyone here struggles with them, I spend most of my time re-taking images. Hope you don’t mind me being honest but the photographs are all that customers have to decide if they wish to buy. Good luck with your shop and future sales.

(BaudelaireBazaar) #5

Hi ruth. Welcome… im newish too.

had a little look at your shop, i love them especially the hammered ring. I do agree with ruth, think they would look better on a dark background, in think youd get a bit more of that texture coming across - im saying this as a customer, photographer i am not

good luck

(Margaret Jackson) #6

I’m a customer not a seller, and I agree that the current photos don’t show off your lovely jewellery as they could. A darker background would make them stand out more, and some of the photos aren’t altogether in focus. Photos really have a massive effect for me on whether I buy or not, and I’m sure many customers would feel the same, so it’s worth taking time to perfect them. Good luck, your jewellery looks beautiful!

(Ruth ) #7


Hi, thanks for taking the time to look & provide some feedback. A jewellery maker I maybe, a photographer I am not. However, I do appreciate the importance of GOOD photos. I have always thought that they would look better on a white background & perhaps if the focus was better they may have been ok. However, I am open to suggestions and will certainly try other options. What this space.

Thanks again.

(Ruth ) #8


Thanks for looking and for the feedback. I love making the jewellery, & didn’t appreciate I would need to develop a new skill in photography as well. Will take on board your comments & will try a darker background.

thank you

(Helen Smith) #9

Welcome, Ruth! You do need to develop a whole extra set of skills for successful selling online, there’s the photography, accounts, navigating the vagaries of the postal system, not to mention the promotion… but it’s fun learning new stuff (if frustrating at times!) and I’m sure you’ll do well with your beautiful jewellery.