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Your help needed for my shop

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Ive just realised this shop of mine(I have 2 shops here) hasnt had a sale for nearly 3 years.
Im selling my jewellery at lower prices as Ive decided not to make jewellery anymore and Ive started to make clothes (a passion that wont go away).

I advertise on FB and Twitter.
I understand theres alot of jewellery out there so competiotion is tough but can you see anything I could do better?

(Rachel) #2

Just visited your shop and I love the wedding headband - beautiful :smiley: I have loved and pinned my favourite items. Your dress is lovely too. Rachel

(Samantha Stanley) #3

Please, please don’t hate me for saying this (because we’ve all hear it before) but your photos could do with a bit of tweaking. Jewellery is really hard to photograph because so much of its appeal depends on the reflections in the metal-work and the play of light within the stones. That said, you could probably use the photos you already have if you use some editing software to tweak them. I recommend increasing the brightness and contrast of the image but also very slightly increasing the colour saturation for pieces containing coloured stones, especially purple. Purple often looks greyer than it is a photograph and a bit of extra saturation gets it back to it’s normal self!

Love Sam x

(Grimm Exhibition) #5

All great advice thanks. (its ok, it all came across nicely and helpful.)
I only recently discovered that I have a brightness/contrast facility on my computer. Ive lightened some pics, eg the dress and skirt adn some jewellery but havtn applied it to older pics.
I shall take not eof all youve said and start to make changes. Thanks again.

(Sasha Garrett) #7

Hi Grimm,
the photos of your jewellery definitely need work - they are not showing it off to its fullest potential and in a crowded area like jewellery you need to. I know how hard this is and clear stones with silver is a nightmare for me and I still don’t get it right all the time so good luck! If you can bear the thought of it re shoot the photos with different styling so that they suit a square crop better - square crop looks much better on your shop front/ search results. Use some reflectors (bits of white card or card covered in tin foil) to bounce light back in to reduce shadows and a diffuser (bit of net/ muslin) over the light source will help get rid of glare, try and use natural light it looks much better (I shoot indoors infront of a south facing window with diffuser). If you can find a glamourous friend to model the hair bands then that sort of shot would look good and help sell the pieces - there was one that I originally thought was a brooch because the white band had disappeared into the back ground.
I know how ridiculously expensive swarovski crystals are so if you have used them put it in the title - it helps explain to people why the price is what it is. Ditto if you have used silver. You have a ‘purple necklace with sycamore pendant’ which according to the write up is swarovski crystals and gold plate so a title like ‘Purple Swarovski crystal and gold sycamore key necklace’ would explain the £50 price tag.
Hope that’s useful.

(Grimm Exhibition) #8

Ive made a start to the banner. I like the smaller round ppic but will probably change the main banner across the top, its just a mix of beads and fabric at the mo.

Any better?

(Grimm Exhibition) #10

Well shiver my timbers, I had a sale!!!

(Dawn Sneesby) #11

Well done.