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Feeling Hopeful

Just listed my first tote bag and I am feeling really hopeful that things will start to get going now and I might actually make a sale :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Maybe you could share some of your highlights :slight_smile:


I’ve favourited it :slight_smile:
Well done on your positive attitude, I’m sure there’s a sale around the corner! I’ll mention yourself and @thecuriousartofmadamej as my folksy Friday hashtags!

My positive experiences in the last week have been a mini break, and finding out I sold some originals at an exhibition. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome. Well done.

Just gave it a favourite,10 seconds of front page fame,but I do favourite it as I like it, lovely item,good luck.

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You are all so sweet. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks so much @twinkleandgloomart and good luck to you @ChelseaIllustration :slight_smile:

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The bags are lovely! I hope you get a well deserved sale soon. We have our fingers crossed for the first sale after reopening ourselves!

We have been enjoying the sunshine while it’s been around, and have tipped over 500 followers on Twitter, that’s cool! :smile:

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