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Feeling very sad

One of my cats Louie has gone over Rainbow Bridge today. He was 14 yrs which I know is a good age
Sadly found him in the garden this lunchtime.
Big cat Elliot sat in the kitchen making an awful meowing noise and little Lucy sat outside beside him till we took him to the vets.

I feel a bit lost now.


Sorry to hear that Kate. It is awful when one of the furry family members goes. I bet he was a lucky cat to have ended up living with you though.


So sorry to hear that Kate, it must be very sad for you. But like you say 14 is a good age and I’m sure he had a happy life :smile:

Oh my! They become part of your family and your life, don’t they? 14 years is a long time.
So sorry…you will feel lost for a while and it’s understandable.

it’s always very painful when they pass, especially so suddenly and finding him as well. When my cat had to be put to sleep last year, I was beside myself with grief for a good few months, he was my favourite, but I couldn’t really explain it to anyone as they didn’t really understand - it was just a cat to them. It feels awful - but the memories of them always help to ease the pain, he had a fulfilled life, and a long one to xx

Suzanne :o)

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Thank you ladies, Louie did have a good life. Vet said she thought it was heart failure and it would have been very quick. Elliott and Lucy are brother and sister and are 15.
Vet said Louie was in very good condition and his fur was beautiful which made me feel a little better, but he is not on the table now where he used to be. If you don’t have a pet then it is very hard to understand how they entwine around your heart xxxxxxx

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So sorry.
It’s so true…they do entwine themselves around our hearts.
Sarah xxx

Sorry to hear of your loss so sad when a pet dies there one of the family.

Sorry to hear about your cat. Cats are such good company, I love mine, she’s getting old now and when I see her going slowly up the stairs to her bed it gives me a strange feeling as she used to run up. X

So sorry to hear about your lovely Louie, Kate.

Our 2 are both 15 now, brother and sister and we love them to bits.

When I was about 6 we had our one and only family cat who passed away when I was about 24. My Dad called him “the King of all cats” and I classed him as my furry Brother : ) He really was my best friend, an absolute star. He always knew when I was feeling low and would sit with me, so I completely feel your loss. I still miss him.

Sending you a big virtual hug : ) x

Ohh… you’ve just brought tears to my eyes about them wrapping around our hearts, they certainly do.
We’ve lost a couple of our furry girls in the past few years and we still miss their presence in our lives.
We do still have reminders, our beautiful tabby and our sweet little black cat provided lots of inspiration for Gary and they now sit proudly in our shop.
The two sisters we have now practically live in our Studio and keep an eye on all our work.

Wishing you and your remaining cats peace and lovely memories of your dear departed much loved cat.

So sorry , pets are part of the family and losing them is heartbreaking.

Sorry for your loss.

so very very sorry to hear about your cat. Run free at the bridge little one

Oh Kate, I want to say something to help but nothing I can say would :frowning: It’s awful to loose pets, especially ones who have been with you for so long. Sending love your way and I hope the other cats give you lots of snuggles to help the healing x x x

I am so very sorry. Why don’t they have the same life span as we do? They come into our lives and it so very sad when they leave, but they must. Take care. Regards, Leslie

So very sorry to hear about Louie. I have lost two of my rabbits this year, so I know exactly how you are feeling. Try and remember the good times, his antics as a kitten, funny things he did and find yourself smiling through the tears. Thinking of you. x