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Feels like Friday 13th! 😭

(Karen Ellam) #1

Well what a flippin evening this has become.
I’m sat here ready to burst into tears :confounded:
Firstly me and the hubby set of to Tesco to do the weekly shop, but when we got there we discovered we couldn’t close the car window. Its well and truly jammed down past the bottom seal. We can hear the electric mechanism working when we press the button, but the window won’t budge…
So we decided to grab some tea and bring it home with us. The plan was then for the hubby to drive his dads (miles away) to get the correct tools to take off the door panel… Then catastrophe number two struck…
I waved my hubby off, closed the front door and the flippin door handle came off in my hand followed by all the cogs and springs.
I must admit panic then ensued as I’m petrified of being locked in, and I could not get out from my side.
I quickly phoned him and he came back in total disbelief. We only had the door handles fitted last Friday so we are not happy bunnies.
So here I am sitting on the stairs guarding the front door while my hubby tries to fix the car at his dads and put the door handle back together.
I’m worried we won’t be able to fix it and it’s the weekend :sob::sob:

If we can’t fix it would a lock smith be able to help us do u think?

Karen :sleepy::sweat:

(Liz Dyson) #2

Oh, Karen, what a traumatic day you’re having. I do hope that hubby can fix everything. Please try not to worry too much - daft thing to say, I know. Sending positive vibes your way. And everything that is crossable is well and truly crossed.

Take care.


(Margaret Jackson) #3

Oh Karen I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rotten start to the weekend! Not too sure what to suggest about the door handle though unless you can contact whoever fitted them? Hope your hubby can at least fix the car. Do you only have one door to the outside? No back door?

(Karen Ellam) #4

Hi @lizdyson @louisa15. I’m still biting my nails and waiting on the stairs :tired_face:
I have a back door, but no access to the front from it… Its an enclosed garden from both sides. So I’m feeling a tad trapped. My hubby works away from home a lot, so I’m really relieved it happened while he’s home or I think I would have had abit of a panicky meltdown :bowing_man:

Karen (I need a glass of wine :wine_glass::wink:)

(Liz Dyson) #5

Karen, I hope things turned out OK in the end. Thinking of you.


(Margaret Jackson) #6

Did you manage to get everything fixed?

(Karen Ellam) #7

Phew what a start to the weekend that debarcle was. I can almost chuckle now looking back at myself clutching that broken door handle.
Well the car needs to go to the garage tomorrow. My hubby and his dad managed to strip the door apart literally much to my astonishment (poor Penelope Panda) :frowning:
It seems there’s something broken at the very bottom of the door where the window totally winds down making it jam. So the motor is fine, and electrics. Fingers crossed its a quick inexpensive job. I had my heart set on Folksy plus upgrade next month then this happens :disappointed:

The front door handle hadn’t been put together properly so it really was a ticking time bomb.
My Father in law luckily has every tool and nic nac imaginable so he managed to prise the metal loop open that had slipped off the workings, and attach it back on correctly.

Karen :mushroom:

(Brenda Cumming) #8

I used to have a car and the door and the locks were hurrendous…one day when going round a roundabout , the passenger door flew open…thank goodness of seat belts or I might have lost my hubby…then people would zap their cars and lock OUR car…one day after we had come back to the park and ride from shopping…we couldn’t get into the car at all…eventually I managed to open MY door and lean in and open the back doors but hubby had to ride in the back, which made him feel travel sick. We couldn’t open the front door at all…the only good thing was that it was still under warranty and so we took it back…

(Liz Dyson) #9

Golly, Brenda, that sounds pretty traumatic.