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Now owe Hubbie a slap up meal

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

I’ve been unable to use my car for a while due to a little drain hose coming loose. So when it rained the water went down the drain hole ok, down the hose but at the button it had come loose and rain water went all over my horn relay. This trigged the horn and it wouldn’t turn off. Had to disconnect the battery which meant the car wasn’t alarmed and couldn’t be used.

I tired to day to get at the end that came loose only problem it was in the passenager foot well behind all the trim and kickboard. I tried so hard to find the end of the hose but in that space I was upside down with my head in the foot well and legs on the seat. ugg it made me feel very sick, light headed and claustrophobic.

Had to concede defeat and ask hubbie to sort it for me. It took him a couple of hours and in the end he had to replace the whole drainage hose for me.

Now my car has a working drainage hose and a legal horn so now I can drive him again legally. YEAH.
Poor Hubbie he looks shattered so I’ve promised to take him out for dinner later in the week. I think he deserves it. :smile:

(Karen Ellam) #2

Glad you’ve managed to fix your car Eileen @EileensCraftStudio :smiley: :oncoming_automobile:


(Hobbitgirlie1880) #3

So pleased he managed to fix your car Eileen @EileensCraftStudio
Bet you are over the moon.
Think hubby definitely deserves a teat. Hope you both enjoy it

(Leathermeister) #4

Taking him out for a meal is a good idea, you get some benefit out of it to no cooking and no washing up. Think you both deserve an evening out after all trouble.