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Happy Thursday Morning

(Kelly) #1

The weather is looking good so I guess its going to be another nice day, not that i’ll benefit from it but Hubby will as he’s going shopping lol. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have an order to fill which i’ll be starting on as soon as my cup is empty and I’m definitely making new things today. Until then, I’m going to catch up in the forum.

What are your plans for today? x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

Good morning.
I’m on my way to my sister’s as usual on a Thursday. The kids have there party thing today. So I’m expecting a very hyper sugar filled little boy later.
I’ll take them to the park to try and wear them out.

I’ll try and get my bookmark listed to while the youngest one snoozes.
In alhonesty feel like joining him.
I was up this morning at 3 and ringing the police.
We had this car pull up.outside our flats and start taking photos.
So we reported it as the some.thing happened but near the bedroom at 10:30 the night before.
As you can imagine very confused and worried but so tired.
Be back later xx

(Donna) #3

Good morning :slight_smile:
I’m having a lazy one this morning. I’m still in bed reading s book :slight_smile:
I have a few orders to make up and I may or may not mow the lawn :expressionless: on the other hand I found some lovely two tone organza I forgot I had so if I can find any matching thread I may make that stole I was talking about yesterday :slight_smile:
Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 that is very strange, I hope the police find out what is going on for you :neutral_face:

(Susannah Ayre) #4

I’m currently doing the same thing @RedDragonDesigns but builders have just started outside.
I feel like I live in a building site at the moment. It hasn’t been quiet since March!
I live in an old building which was converted into 4 flats a long time ago. The flat above me sold in March, and the people who bought it have been gutting it since. The house to the left of me is going through the slowest revamp ever & now to the right of me they’ve just put a load of scaffolding up and the builders have just arrived!!
The problem as well is the people upstairs do their work from 7am on a Saturday or on an evening after work!!- and now it looks like the builders are going to be here for a while.

Looks like I’m getting up now!! :disappointed:

My dream one day is to live in the middle of nowhere.

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(WoollyPops) #5

I’m sleeping today as working the graveyard shift tonight :frowning: never mind need the pennies to fund my craft habit! :stuck_out_tongue:
Just chilling with my little lady at the minute taking her to get her haircut after my sleep, lovely lazy day, no doubt we’ll be putting Disney’s brave on shortly!

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(Donna) #6

Living in the middle of nowhere is a wonderful thing, but we do have our noises. I was woken up this morning at 6 by the hounds down the road having their breakfast! They get very excited and there are hundreds of them. It can sound quite spooky sometimes :slight_smile:
And don’t get me started on boy racers! They seem to feel that the road past our house is a racetrack from about 2am onwards :angry:
But on the other hand I sometimes sit in the garden and can hear nothing but birds so it all balances out :slight_smile:

(Karen Ellam) #7


My goal today is to make something new. I’ve really struggled this week to do anything shop related with it being the last week of school. Can’t believe my daughter will be in year 10 when she goes back…gulp!
Not sure how much I’m going to manage to get done during the summer hols. I can see me becoming a taxi service lol :wink:

That sounds scary Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 I hope the police manage to sort it.

I would love to live out in the sticks away from all the noise and chaos. The older I get the more I seek out quiet places and serene surroundings.
It can be quiet where I live, but it does have spells of speeding cars, building work, music…

I have a reoccurring dream and it’s lovely. I live and work in a lovely bright studio over looking the most gorgeous sea view. It’s a quiet beach (obviously lol) and when I take a stroll on the beach holding my sandals I have the most gorgeous black Labrador walking along by my side. In my dream I can feel the happiness and it’s so peaceful… Then I wake up to the noise of next doors kids running riot and a Hoover going at 7am on a Sunday morning :frowning:

Anyway I better skiddaddle… Have a great day folks


(Kelly) #8

Morning everyone. :wave:
Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, I wonder why whoever it was started taking photos? That’s very strange, especially at 3am! I don’t blame you for phoning the police but I hope they get to the bottom of it. Looking forward to seeing your new bookmark!

Donna you make me laugh! I never do any of the gardening, Hubby does it all. Speaking of lawn mowers, the man next door was mowing his at 8.30am this morning. I peered through the window and he’s walking rapid with it, almost running lmao! :laughing:

Hope you find suitable thread for the stole, I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!

How have you survived the noise Susannah @curiousseagull. That would drive me nuts! I can only begin to imagine how you feel!

Enjoy the Disney movie @KnittedPops, I still love watching them but not alone of course. lol. :grin:

Karen @karenscraftybitz, you’re dream sounds heavenly! Meet ya there lol! :smile: x

(Margaret Jackson) #9

Morning all. Dawn that sounds very odd, hope you get it sorted.

Lovely sunny day here in Cheshire, I had an early start with a 7.30 dentist appointment for a filling. The anaesthetic is wearing off now and I’m stuck at my office desk gazing out of the window at the sunshine and longing for 12.30 when I can go out for a walk. I often walk across the fields to the next village where there’s a field of highland cattle. I have just enough time to watch them for a couple of minutes then I have to head back to the office.

I love sitting in my garden in the evening listening to the birds like Donna. The garden is my pride and joy and my refuge, I love it! :slight_smile:

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(Donna) #10

I love my garden too Margret @Louisa15 It’s where I go hide from everything :slight_smile:
If i want to let people find me I sit on the terrace or lawn just outside the house but if I really want to hide I have a secret garden too, I just go across the drive through the fruit trees and veg patch and hide behind the green house :slight_smile: No one ever finds me up there. You can just about see it in the banner for my other shop :smile:
Donna x

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(Kelly) #11

lol Donna @RedDragonDesigns funny! :grin:

I like sitting out in the garden listening to the birds too, it’s very peaceful.

My Mum lives in Cheshire Margaret @Louisa15 , now I know what the weather is like there’s no need for me to ask her when she phones later lol. Can’t believe you had a filling at 7.30am!! I don’t mind the dentist, it doesn’t bother me but I wouldn’t fancy a filling so early in the morning lol. x

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(CopperTobi) #12

We have appointment with hairdresser for my little boy for 11 am, then he has his time in school-nursery and I have time for cooking or eventually beading :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #13

I’d rather get dental work done early, and as I normally start work at 8:00 it’s convenient as I only miss about half an hour of my normal working day :smile:

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(Kelly) #14

I’m just getting on with making things today. I’ve not managed it properly all week! I should do some cleaning around the house but it’s nothing major but it can wait until tomorrow!

I have a plaque here inside the house which says ‘Housework can’t kill you but why take the chance’ lol. I’m not chancing it today! x :grin:

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(Roz) #15

Just got around to sitting down and reading the forums!

Normally Thursday is my day off but having had 2 weeks holiday I am playing catch up so was out bright and early to see 2 clients. When I got home I started making some new scarves and then had to rush out with the dogs as I had forgotten that I had booked for the gas man to call sometime between 12 and 5 so I have to be here for the afternoon. Another scarf now in progress and a relaxing, crafty afternoon ahead :smile:

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(Kelly) #16

Ooh can’t wait to see your new scarf Roz @Rozcraftz. x