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Final ( maybe ) sale on Folksy before I let shop run down ( for a while)

Hi not been on here for a while but due to various factors I’m letting my shop run down :

Busy building a new studio
GCSE exam chaos
Cannot justify renewing Folksy plus fee with such low views/ sales
My things a shifting faster elsewhere to be honest!

I shall probably keep a low level of listings - maybe a page worth but not the range there is at the moment

This does mean that I have quite a nice sale section if anyone fancies a look though :slight_smile: Sale section

If does make me a bit sad though given that I’ve been on here since May 2010 as AudreysCat/ WittyDawn but if it ain’t working then I have to focus elsewhere for a while

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Sorry to read your letting your shop run down @WittyDawn
I too wonder what’s best for the future for my little shop. I love Folksy, I love the Folksy Plus, but my renew date is getting closer and I just don’t know what to do.
Things seem slow here for a lot of us at the moment, and it’s really hard bringing the footfall to our shops.

I only have the folksy shop so all of my promotion points in this direction so hopefully in time things might fall into place. I would love to use more selling platforms, but I can’t afford lots of listing fees.

All the best for the future, and enjoy your new studio :smiley:


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Thanks Karen - kind of you :smile:

I may pop more on in the run up to Xmas or restict it to being custom orders on here but when I’m so busy elsewhere and with other projects I have to let something tail off and sadly here is the worst saleswise for me at the moment. My head tells me to let it run down but my heart is saddened by it I admit.


I am sure I saw your work in Kelso? I got quite excited seeing a fellow folksy bod’s work. I agree it’s gone very quiet on here :frowning:

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Hi Linda - yes it’s quite possible you did . A few mice have scampered ‘up north’ to a shop or two :slight_smile:

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Your goodies are stunning - - all the best with the new studo and exams - where else are you shifting your stuff - do you mind me asking? Kind regards x

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I wish you well, in whatever you do, and if they are selling elsewhere then go for it,and good luck with your GCSE’S.:slight_smile:

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aw bless you all ! it’s my eldest enduring the GCSEs although he is remarkably relaxed and seemingly revising well ( who are you and what have you done with my child…)

Emily - we get sent to the naughty stair if we mention other selling platforms … :confused: … ho hum…!

You might like to see my virtual ‘mood board’ for decorating my studio - I am trying to source recycled/thrifted items to fit it out which is fun - which looks like it will have a roof by the weekend … exciting times

Oh dear, sorry, trust me to put my foot in it LOL
Mood board looks great x

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Hee hee Emily! … Thanks ref mood board cannot wait to start decorating my studio! builder thinks we have about another week and a half before it’s done ! exciting times

WOW - you lucky fish (South African saying in case you wondered LOL). Bet you cannot wait to get the room sorted with all your precious goodies x

The result of many years of savings! once I get it set up it will look tidy for…oooo… about 3 or 4 days I expect :)!

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Sorry to hear about your Folksy shop, I understand all about kids exam chaos. But good luck with your new studio, looking good! :smile:

Thanks - chaos here but mainly because I have studio furniture project clogging up everyroom! eldest is surprising calm ( too calm? ) ref exams at the moment :smile:

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A reminder - I still have a lot of items in this shop , many on sale BUT they start delisting from June 11th . I may keep one or two custom listings/items on here but not at these sale prices :slight_smile:

Dawn - just a thought before you shut…my shop has died a death too over a similar time frame but since tags were brought back I have had 2 sales this week. Just wondered if it was worth a punt as you used to sell so well on here before “the changes”…xx


Ah yes ‘the days when I used to sell well’ I vaguely remember that …LOL !

I will leave a few things in and see if the reintroduced tagging makes a difference ( how silly to take it away b4!) but I’d need to see siginificant improvement b4 I did anything so bold as renewing as a plus seller . Thanks for the heads up M’dear x

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