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So very (optimistically) odd

(Susan Bonnar) #1

So my sales on Folksy have sadly dropped off year on year since 2011 to the point that as my plus acc has just expired I was planning to let my listings expire.

3 sales for all of last year and nothing this year. Then out of the blue this week I had a sale for £30 and a website sale where someone initially found me on here for nearly £100!

Mmmmm - maybe not so clear cut then! Anyone else seen an upturn this month?

(Annie Storkey) #2

I’ve had very good sales this month but I attribute that to doing some self-promotion here and on FB.

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(Susan Bonnar) #3

That’s great @HeavenlyAnarchist :slight_smile: I do constantly self promote but it does feel sometimes like hitting your head against a brick wall!

(Joy Salt) #4

I’m just nicely busy, a little bit more than same time last year.

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(Paula Rayson) #5

Lucky you, congratualtions, wish I was in that position!

(Susan Bonnar) #6

I really had given up hope! Flicker of a candle now!

(Susan Bonnar) #7

That’s great - Folksy is perfect for you isn’t it! I do love it here and really would like to make it work again! i.e. sell things lol!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

Oh well done Susan so good to hear it might be picking up for you again :smile:

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(Susan Bonnar) #9

Thanks! Fingers crossed! Would be nice! :slight_smile:

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(Joanne Joyce) #10

My sale dropped off the sale time as yours dotty and it took a few years but they are now slowly coming back. I had a good month last month and have had three sales this month, like you I had pretty much decided to give up on folksy but it turned around and I am so glad it did :slight_smile:

(Martine Brumwell) #11

It would be a shame to see you go - you’ve been on here so long. Maybe give it a while longer - things may really pick up.

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(Patricia Smith) #12

Just looked at your shop - lovely things, so hope you don’t go! I’m struggling to re-establish sales after a couple of months away. Views are bouncing back and I’ve had one good sale so far so fingers crossed!

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(Pauline Hayward) #13

If I could get just one sale on here it would make me think again. I haven’t had a sale since November 2014, ok I admit I haven’t got much listed but that’s because I didn’t want to waste my money listing and not get any sales at all. All my listings run out in March and that might be the end of folksy for me which is a shame because I too have enjoyed it on here. My early years were really good.

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(Susan Bonnar) #14

Maybe there is a trend then! Fingers crossed!

(Susan Bonnar) #15

Well defo for 4 months as I just renewed everything! Yes scarily here for 6 years now!

(Susan Bonnar) #16

Thank you :slight_smile: Just off to have a peek in your shop too!

(Susan Bonnar) #17

It’s hard Pauline isn’t it - catch 22, you don’t want to list if nobody wants to buy, but if nobody is buying then there is no point listing!

ps Your summer decorations are getting a lot of attention on Twitter!

(Susan Bonnar) #18

PS Just noticed my shop views are up nearly 200% in the past week. Goodness!

(Pauline Hayward) #19

I did notice that too about my decorations. I try to pop into Twitter as much as time will allow me to but I still haven’t got the hang of it.
Thank you for all the promotion.

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(TandMArtsandCrafts) #20

Hey but @dottiedesigns its not all been a waste of time look how much you have sold!
Everything is a struggle at the moment and our government doesn’t help!

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