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Closing down after 5/6 years on here :(

Sadly I have made the decision to close my folksy shop. After many successful years selling on here the last 18 months have been quite dreadful via my folksy shop. I will be closing up on the 25th January and until then there is 25% off all my stock. I will however still be running Realicoul over on ‘the dark side’.

Discount code: SALE25

It’s been fun and I’m a little sad to go but I have put it off for 12 months. :(cry:


I’m sorry that you’ve made that decision, I hope the sale and the dark side work out for you.
Good Luck


That’s a shame Claire @Realicoul, but I hope you continue to do well elsewhere. I’m just coming up to my 5 year anniversary on here, and I remember you from the early days when your shop was very active and you were in the forums - and on the front page - a lot. Things have changed quite a bit, haven’t they? My best year on here was 2013/14, with the last couple of years much slower too. I’m hanging on for a bit longer, in the hope it may pick up again.

Good luck :smile:


sorry to hear you are closing. Will you leave you’re shop open untill your last item expires.

Hope things work out for you.

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Sorry to hear you are going - I am doing the same after my plus acc expires and also feel a little sad! Unfortunately if sales are not good (I have had a dreadful last 2 years on here) there really is no point sticking around! Good luck!

See you over there! Dottie x


I think I’ve been around a similar amount of time May 2010 - originally as AudreysCat.

2012/13 was also pretty good and then it took a real dip - it has improved a little in last few months but I could do with it getting back to ‘the old days’

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I think i’ll probably be going soon too. I tried to make it work here and do make the odd sale but not enough to rely on. I get sales on the dark side even if I don’t promote.

My plus account has just expired so I’ll be here until my listings run out and then that’ll probably be it. It does sadden me as out of the ethos of the two platforms I much prefer Folksy but at the end of the day I’m trying to make a living here.

Good Luck @Realicoul x


What a shame Elizabeth. Your jewellery is beautiful.

Thank you, you’re very kind. x

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@WittyDawn Yes I remember you as AudreysCat! 2012/13 were great for me too. I used to be a top seller and was one the first people to take part in Meet The Maker. But no matter what I do on here, I just dont get seen as much as I used to or as much as I do on the other site. I’m gutted as I have been with Folksy since it was in Beta and I promote my shop on here more than the other site because it’s British. But it’s just not working out for me. Sorry to hear you will also be closing @ElizabethGaultJewellery, your work is beautiful.

Thanks for the good luck wishes x


Sorry to hear you are leaving Claire, I was at my most busy around the same time as you and Dawn @WittyDawn ( who I still always think of as Audreys Cat! ) and remember you well from the forums etc … like others my sales have nose dived too the last 18 months or so, still hanging on but relying on other sites for my income, it still feels like home here so don’t feel I can leave. All the very best to you xx


It’s always a shame when one of the oldies bows out. I loved the days of Beta and nattering to you guys years ago (joined early 2010). My sales rate peaked the same years as all yours and it’s been hard work since then, but I’ve not managed to make any other site work for me. Good luck!

Sorry to hear you are leaving ( I’m a fan of your items ) , I have been on here since 2011 and things has changed a lot in the last couple of years , my sales has also nosedived , but I’m partly to blame as I haven’t had the time to promote ! I’m staying on here for the moment as I do like it here ! Have also noticed things have changed on the dark side in the last 4 -6 months , don’t get seen /likes / sales are down ! Good luck for the future x

Ooh I have just been to take a look at your shop Claire. What lovely colours! Whenever I try to work with buttons I just can’t get them to sit right. It’s such a shame that you are going.

Sorry to hear you are leaving, I have been in the same position for a year debating whether I should pack it up,then last week I got a sale out of the blue and a lovely feedback email from the customer which will spur me on for a little longer. Good luck for the future.

About that time I got into the top 200 sellers for a couple of years running and then it nosedived - round the time tags/key words disappeared ( why DID they do that ? !) glad they are back. I have been in quite a few gift guides over Xmas though which seems to have helped and I think I have noticed a bit more activity on social media from Folkasy admin so maybe things might be improving ? I do hope so

Sorry to hear your leaving @Realicoul and hope you do well on your other sites. I’ve hardly listed anything new since the beginning of 2015 except I did took advantage of the free listing weekend but that didn’t bring in any sales so things are not looking good for me either. My last sale on here was November 2014.

I’m sorry to hear you are leaving, I hope things go well for elsewhere :smile:

Sorry to hear you leaving but wishing the best of luck over on the other side, i’ve been here since 2011 (took a break though!) and i’m glad at least the friendly atmosphere has remained, even if the sales have dropped :smile:

Leanne x x

I’m waiting for a final couple of listings to expire, then I’ll be leaving too. I came back last October, after a 3-year absence, hoping Folksy had sorted out the problems caused by the changes they implemented back then. (Sales literally nosedived as a result of those changes, as Folksy became almost invisible on Google.) Unfortunately, nothing has changed (hardly any views unless I promote on the forums, and 1 sale in 3 months). I sell well elsewhere, and without any promoting, so I see no point in staying.

Wishing you the best of luck, Claire. And good luck to everyone else, too.

Rosie. x