Folksy Ltd

First Anniversary

(Helen Healey) #1

Well, I’ve just renewed my Folksy Plus account after opening my shop a year ago. It took me 7 months to make my first sale and I was starting to despair but then that magical first sale happened and by the time I needed to renew I’d made 9 sales and covered my Plus account fee with a bit extra on top. I feel that this is probably a reasonable achievement in my first year - at least I managed to make more than the fee! :smile:

I just wondered how this compares with other people’s experiences of their first year. How successful was that first year for you and how did you feel about things on your first anniversary?

One of the lovely things about my experience so far has been discovering the forums and the family of like-minded, craft-loving people that are keen to help each other out, so I’d love to hear your views of your own experiences.

(Elaine) #2

Congratulations Helen on your first anniversary with Folksy and your sales. I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty more in the run up to Christmas.

My first year selling on Folksy was very good sales wise (I’d opened in the November 2009 so experienced the Christmas rush).


(Julie Maginn) #3

To celebrate your first anniversary I have just bought a couple of items from you that I have had my eye on for a while!! Here’s to the next year!!

(Louise Foot) #4

Happy Anniversary. I took months to achieve my first sale but it picked up at Christmas last year - my anniversary came in January so I was feeling sad about the post xmas crash but generally I’m happy with how its going …obviously i’d love to be a lot busier. i didn’t upgrade to A folksy plus account til a few months ago.

(Helen Healey) #5

Thank you so much Julie. :smile: I’ve packaged up your items and will post then off to you tomorrow.

(Helen Healey) #6

Thank you all. Hope you all do well in the run-up to Christmas. :smile:

(Tina Martin) #7

Yes, congratulations and here’s to another successful year! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: