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First sales?

Newbie here and just wondering how long before you all made your first sales?! And also is there busy / quiet times of the week… or year? Quiet for me (well non existent sales as yet…)… but live in hope!!!

I’ve not had a sale either we have been on now for about a month and a half I would of thought I would of had a sale by now. Thinking of looking somewhere else to go. will leave it until the end of month to see if anything changes. I hope you get a sale soon.

There’s someone on eBay who seems to have pinched your name and designs. They’re doing rather well :slight_smile:

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This time of year is very quiet, obviously the christmas period tends to be busier for everyone and there can be seasonal blips depending on what you produce (eg early feb for valentines items). Promotion is key at all times of year - my first sale came on the day I opened as I had been doing ‘coming soon’ type stuff on social media and then posted about opening the shop so my friends decided to make my first day a good one, I had to wait several months for my first sale to passing trade with most of the sales I had in the first year thanks to my own promotional efforts. To pick up passing trade you need to make sure your listings/ tags and photos are good - this might help

Yes that is us but I was hopeing to sell on foksy as well

it can be disheartening cant it and where I don’t want others to be doing no trade as well its nice to know its not just me!!! (hope that makes sense!!!), thanks for the replies… I’m only very small and it is just a hobby outlet really so it doesn’t matter as such just nice to have enough to tick over…

We would all like to be selling enough to keep stock ticking over but I’ve found that either involves a lot of online promotion or (maybe that should be and) doing craft markets. Sorry to not be more upbeat about it.

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Just wondering why you want to sell on Folksy. Perhaps the fees are lower, but it seems to me that the things you sell are more suited to eBay. Your Facebook page directs me to a shop called “Kidstshirts”, so it’s not surprising that you’re not getting sales here.

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Thank you for letting me know about my page on Facebook that was another page I used to use. I’ve now changed it to magic moments.
the fees are better on here I just thought I would give it ago on here ,heard good things about Folksy .
Will just have to see how it goes but thank you for your help

Hello - hope you get a sale soon!

As an aside to Magic Moments Clothing at the risk of sounding a bit negative, your t-shirts contain copyrighted images and trademarks (Shopkins, Muppets etc). If you hold a licence to reprint these, you should show it proudly (I couldn’t see any reference to a licence so apologies if it’s there already) as there are many people who copy these images but who do not hold the relevant licence and so are breaking the law.

Companies are increasingly going after ‘the little guy’ who they perceive as copying their goods and fining them thousands of pounds, regardless of whether they’ve sold anything or not. I’ve heard some real horror stories of people losing a lot of money. If you don’t hold a licence I would stop selling them until they grant you one. Google online to see whether you are comfortable with what you are doing (only you can decide!!) Best to protect yourself. Lawyers fees are not cheap and the big companies have deep pockets…

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I reopened my shop a few weeks at, I was suffering health problems so I closed my shop for some time.
What I have discoverd is we need to be patient and not expect sales for a while when we first open a shop on folksy.
We need to work at promoting our items in our shops and our fellow friends shops on folksy, also we need to communicate with our fellow workers, and appreciate them, especially when they promote our shops.

Its not easy to do all the above because of our personal commitments and time, selling items is not alway easy, work is involved if we want to sell on folksy, also there are times that all of us have laps time, not selling, it happens.

To get noticed on folksy and Google etc it takes time and patience, so don’t give up, allow some time…all my sales 13 of them except one, I sold when I was on here last time, so I have sold one item from my shop since I re-opend a few weeks ago.

Hope this message helps.

Thanks Sue, good, helpful and encouraging advice - a lot of what you say rings true. Was thinking of doing a craft fair next month - so today visited as a ‘shopper’ today to see how it seemed to be going, didnt look too good - hardly any stalls and not many visitors by the look of it - once again its research I guess and not expecting overnight success or for it to be easy!!! Good luck yourself…

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