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First sale this year... Phew!

(Rebecca Hart) #1

Evening all,
Today I had my first sale in 7 months!!! my Folksy faith was slipping, but hey ho it’s been restored :grin: I sold a boat, which is a new collection, and I love making them, so here’s to more boat making :smile:
Rebecca xx

(CopperTobi) #2

Congratz on your sale Rebecca!

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(Roz) #3

and your boats (and other items) are lovely - surprised you haven’t sold more.

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #4

I know the feeling @TheHandmadeMoon Ive also only had 1 Folksy sale this year(in my Grimm Exhibition shop), but its worth sticking with, a selling platform and nice people can be found here.
Your work is lovely, I hope you have loads more sales soon.

(Kelly) #5

Congratulations Rebecca @TheHandmadeMoon. Wishing you many more. You’re items are truly beautiful, I’ve added your shop to favourites. x :smile:

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(Thecraftycurioshop) #6

Well done Rebecca @TheHandmadeMoon . I have seen one of your boats on the front page a few times and thought how unusual and lovely it was. I am going to add one to my Crinoline Ladies Pinterest page.

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(Sally Eira) #7

your boats are beautiful :smile:

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(Sarah Lambert) #8

Well deserved :smiley: Those boats are fabulous. I love your ‘Treasure Chest’ piece too.

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(Minerva) #9

Congratulations…we have to hang in there, don’t we?
Here’s to lots more!

(Rebecca Hart) #10

Ah thanks Roz for your kind words :grin: xx

(Rebecca Hart) #11

Thank you so much Pauline! Xx

(Rebecca Hart) #12

Thanks Sally

(Rebecca Hart) #13

I love your GrimmExhibition shop, you do dioramas too I seem to remember? I’ve only sold a few of mine and not on Folksy …xx

(Rebecca Hart) #14

Aw thanks Sarah! x

(Rebecca Hart) #15

Thanks everyone for your positive comments! They are so encouraging to read :heart:
Rebecca xxx

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(Karen Ellam) #16

Congrats on the sale. I wish you many more. Your shop is lovely :smiley:


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(HeidiMeier) #17

Well done - it may be the new tags kicking in and getting all our lovely work shown up when people search!! :smile:

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(Rebecca Hart) #18

Good point Heidi, could be :smile::smile::smile: xx

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(Take2 Bottles) #19

Well done. I was exactly the same and then three sales yesterday! Took me by surprise :flushed:

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(Rebecca Hart) #20

That is fab Sarah :smile::smile::smile:! Well done xx